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[teacherartexchange] In reply to many things.


From: Donna Pumphrey (dpumphrey_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 07:17:08 PDT

That sounds good, please start us off.

> 1. A lack of new challenging topics to talk about. I think
> as art educators we need to be talking about things such as
> curriculum development, mapping, connections between
> elementary, middle and high school curricula, how to save
> the art departments from decimation, how to write grants,
> how to get release time to hang art shows, how to get
> support from our academic colleagues to the importance of
> what our kids are doing, etc, etc, etc.
> 2. Most of us are used to being lone voices in our schools.
> I am lucky to be in a school with 3 other art teachers, so
> we can discuss many of these important issues. Since we are
> lone voices, we tend to accept things as they are, figuring
> we have no support, or plan B. We should be discussing Plan
> B's and how to get them. How do you fund field trips,
> for example? If you can't go on field trips, then why?
> If you have no supervisor to support you or to help you get
> through the maze of administration and board policy, then
> how do you get your voice heard? Those are the kinds of
> meaty issues I think we should tackle. I hear some of that
> when the iPod issues are discussed, where some teachers have
> taken on the ban and plead their cases. We should take that
> same kind of passion and plead for more money for supplies,
> field trips, access to money for artists in residence,
> display cases, more space for storage, no more art on a cart
> for elementary teachers, etc, etc, etc.
Those who teach art education are in much the same position--lone voices within a sea of visual artists who do not value or understand the discipline of art education.

I'm not sure I agree with this. I am a visual artist who teaches, and I particpate in my local crafts guild and arts council. When I explain the challenges of teaching art most visual artists are really sympthetic to the cause. Some have even donated supplies, and are trying to find ways to help art teachers in the school. I think the key is for art educators to stand up and be heard.
Can't watch youtube except at home. Will check it out then. However, I think that society in general is not interested in creativity. I have even remarked that I think we are in another dark age as far as creativity goes. Not that there is anything wrong with math, science, and technology, but that is the emphasis in our world these days. Little positive support is given for arts or even reading and writing. In my system more emphasis is placed on these things, and also on "skills" rather than creativity in art. It is sad, but I try to interject creativity as often as possible. Creative learners THINK, solve problems.

Title: Do schools kill creativity?[1]

Also, what is the best way for development of techniques and skills as
an educator, I am art history but have not been a studio artist for a
long time so I am beginning over in some areas and would love to find
avenues to develop my own skills.

I don't know where you live but in my area "Cheap Joes Art Supply" has workshops available, as does my local arts council, and crafts guild. The workshops at the latter two are often cheap, $35.00. Check and see if you have a local arts council.


As far as the listserve goes, somedays I don't even have time to answer all my e-mails let alone check and post here.
Also, I don't know how to do this except by replying to it via e-mail. Usually whoever is answering the e-mails is away when I want to post.
And another friend of mine who teaches art said that she was getting far to many e-mails from the listserve, I think the same as me, she doesn't have time. I teach elementary and have back to back classes from 8:05-11:45. My planning/lunch is from 11:45-12:40. Then back to back classes again from 12:40-2:30. So not much time. Right now I am sneakign a few moments from K which is being very good, to post.

Donna Pumphrey
Harmony/Union Grove
+ I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--things I had no words for.-Georgia O'Keefe

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