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[teacherartexchange] Trying again


From: Jackie Brewer (jacjac2_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Oct 09 2008 - 14:15:14 PDT

I have been here for about 10 years but have not participated in the
last 3. I wanted to give it a try again. Everything that was stated
below is a great reason. I found myself stating I would do things for
others and then not follow through. That is my fault and I apologize
for it. But from time to time when you do think you will do
something(such as send a lesson) you get side tracked for reasons such
as health, then someone writes an unprofessional letter to you, you
have a tendency to give up. I have had lessons posted on IAD. I want
to be part of a larger group but want to see more of what can assist
in the classrooms.

I have read for some time now. If I am going to be part of my state
organization, my local Valley organization, and my district
organization, I want to go National. So I am back.

New area of interest for me - Art and Technology. While I was away I
became certified in Technology and now have the best set up anyone can
ask for in a Lab. - 25 24" iMacs with Adobe Creative Suite CS4.
Tablets on the way. New school, new furniture, new anything - I am
excited. ; I hope to bring this excitement to the forum.

On Oct 9, 2008, at 9:36 AM, Diane Gregory wrote:

> I agree with most of what Ann says. I also think we could use a
> facilitator that would steer the discussion toward positive,
> uplifting topics of interest to a wide range of people. I do miss
> the more philosophical discussions we once had about art education
> theory and practice. Nevertheless, I like to listen to what is on
> the minds of art teachers. I do miss lively discussions.
> One topic I would like to discuss is visual culture lesson ideas for
> the elementary art classroom. I would like to also hear what the
> group thinks about the pros and cons of visual culture. I am not
> sure my art education students are getting the background they need
> in sociology, psychology, anthropology, technology, and in
> contemporary art to teach visual culture. What are your thoughts?
> Diane
> --- On Thu, 10/9/08, Ann Heineman <> wrote:
>> From: Ann Heineman <>
>> Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] Participation in TeacherArtExchange
>> To: "TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group" <
>> >
>> Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008, 2:25 PM
>> Hello KJ,
>> I have been a member of the list for over ten years and I
>> have
>> noticed the same decrease in activity that you mention.
>> Here are my
>> thoughts on its causes:
>> 1. Technology glitches in the list serve program, i.e.
>> periods of
>> long term "down time," problems with sign-up
>> access, access to the
>> archives, threats that Getty would be shutting down the
>> program, etc.
>> In the wake of these many problems, many members over the
>> years have
>> left to join another list. We have lost many wonderful and
>> valuable
>> educators and friends of art.
>> 2. Extreme nastiness in the form of put-downs shown by some
>> members to
>> individuals, both written publicly on the list and/or to
>> the member's
>> personal e-mail. As a recipient of one of these
>> "blasts," I can attest
>> to the sting of rejection and humiliation they create.
>> 3. Lack of list etiquette--those on digest format have
>> written
>> extensively on this topic recently. There have been other
>> instances
>> over the years where members don't understand or want
>> to follow the
>> rules of communicating on a list.
>> 4. Unbalance of the "takers" and the
>> "givers." The "takers" are
>> winning. When the "givers" contribute, little
>> acknowledgment or
>> appreciation is given.
>> 5. Simple demographics: there are members of the list
>> from early
>> times who have dropped out due to health issues,
>> retirement, moves to
>> new careers. New educators from a younger generation are
>> not joining.
>> 6. Our national economy is not strong and education is one
>> of the many
>> casualties. The visual arts take the hit first.
>> I thank the many members who continue to make this list
>> a unique
>> family for art educators and have stayed throughout all the
>> upheavals
>> over the years!
>> Ann-on-y-mouse in Columbus
>> Art teacher, K-5, retired 6 years
>> On Oct 9, 2008, at 3:55 AM, K J wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am an Australian student studying online communities
>> and I was
>>> wondering if I could get some help from the members of
>> this community.
>>> Posts peaked at over 1600 a month in year 2000 and
>> have since then
>>> dwindled to less than 200 per month, the lowest since
>> creation. Why is
>>> this? Is it the listserv format? Or other reasons?
>>> Are there any other problems (technical, social,
>> pedagogical etc) with
>>> being a member of this community?
>>> What do you perceive as being the greatest benefit to
>> being a member?
>>> thank you for taking the time to respond. If you would
>> like to reply
>>> privately, I have set up an email account for this
>> purpose:
>>> regards
>>> KJ
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