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[teacherartexchange] student project touch ups


From: Julie Jacobusse (JacobusseJulie_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Oct 28 2006 - 10:23:34 PDT

I began this topic and did not mean to ruffle any feathers. I have been
reading with interest your opinions about this. This is my 2nd year
teaching art and I think that I am still just trying to come up with my
own philosophies in teaching art and am taking in what I see in
other art classrooms, art exchanges, and web sites. I think that one
concern that I have is that many people that are not educated in the
arts, look at childrens art and art projects that are produced and they
expect them all to be successful-otherwise if they see a few that are
not-wonder what was going on in the art room. Maybe as an art
teacher-you are also responsible in educating not only the students but
everyone else as well. How are some ways that this can be accomplished
if you have an audience like this? Newsletters, displays,
communication, etc.?

  I look at the art students produce and appreciate their scribbles and
designs-for what they are. They really do not need to be perfect or
have perfection but they are a way of expressing themselves. And then
what about students with special needs or limited mobility or those with
no desire to do art, and they scribble, or make something that looks
good, just to add another smear or scribble later and mess it up.
However, I can also see that the pressures of administrators, parents
and the general public could cause the art teacher to feel students
projects need to have perfection. How hard to you push your students
and yourself to strive for this-especially for elementary students? In
that case do you just always choose projects that all students will be
successful at, and not try any projects that are more risky-where the
students have to solve a problem, etc?

I also found that the one project when I looked them over and they were
not turning out- and I painted over a few mistakes they made-actually
big paint blobs that were supposed to be apples-LOL... and was going to
have them fix them in the next class-I had the students toss that
project out and I decided to use a different media-drawing and coloring
with crayons and put a water color wash over them. They ended up
turning out awesome! So, thanks Woody and others for mentioning the
fact that if the art teacher has to touch up they may have to re-examine
what/how they are teaching the project.

I know that I had a college professor that would draw on my art and I
did not like it either-I like the idea of having tracing paper to show
them other options and techniques. Art is sacred in a way-however for
me-I have found I have to make and experiment several times before I get
the result I wanted. There are many projects I have thrown away and
many I have kept and not sure why they are collecting dust in my
basement. LOL. I think maybe I should sell or give it away-but often
feel others would not appreciate it or value the work put into it.

One thing with the writing concept I feel that it is an art form just
like art and often through my own thumbnails/sketches on a concept that
I may write down idea options, and brainstorm along with creating art.
There are many famous classical writers that created art and were
artists as well. This may be an interesting option for middle/high
schoolers as they work out solutions for art projects.

I am actually having a great 2nd year teaching art at my new school-I
fit better here and it is closer to Atlanta where there are more
transplants-I am less of a Yankee...people are friendly, the students
are also friendly and I am happier here than my school last year. We
made Bus safety Posters in Art class and one of my students won at the
county level and was sent on to state. The local paper did an article
about the 1st grade student and had a quote in it that I had said about
her. I also applied for this Art Access Program through the High Museum
of Art in Atlanta-they offer free admission and free transportation for
schools that qualify. I wrote an essay along with a 4th grade teacher
and the 4th graders at my school get to go-what an honor since less than
half that applied for this program were allowed to participate. I just
have to be careful-make sure there is no nudity for the students to be
exposed to-I heard about the art teacher in Texas-But I also heard there
may have been other issues with that as well. I have been busy with
many school projects and trying to integrate art into the grade level

I also think I am going to begin more TAB Choice type of projects. I
like the idea of having students have more decisions and taking
ownership for their projects. I had the 2nd graders make a mural for
their PTO concert and it looked awesome through this technique.

I enjoy sharing and reading your posts. I believe that "Iron Sharpens
Iron" and there is nothing wrong with having different opinions. If
everything was the same it would be a boring world to live in.

Have a great weekend-Julie Jacobusse from Michigan now in Georgia

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