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RE: [teacherartexchange] Integrating PE and Art


From: Melissa Woodland (melissawoodland_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Oct 24 2006 - 15:03:40 PDT

In a graduate class I took with Marilyn Stewart a few years ago we had a
dance instructor come in and provide some feedback on making connections. I
will share what I remember...

To get students to think about line you could have your students form a line
and follow the leader. As they are walking, call out different kinds of
lines and watch them adjust (ex: wavy, zig zag, dotted). Part two was to
have students walk by leading with different body parts which she also
called out. You can also extend this out by showing an artwork and asking
students to respond with action or movement.

To focus on positive and negative space, she pairs students and has one be
the sculptor and one be the clay. The clay can only move into the position a
sculptor choose. Another for space, was to have a student pose creating
negative space. Another student enters the "sculpture" and must fill the
negative space somehow. You can build and keep adding, or rotate the kids
out. For older kids, she sets it to music and you must move in and out
during an 8-count. For a twist you could have students choose a word from a
jar to "sculpt" as students are sometimes paralyzed when given free reign.

I have tried all of the above with K-4 and they eat it up. Not sure with the
older ones.

For our finale we went to "Grounds for Sculpture" while a Chihuly exhibit
was inside and we had to respond to his work with an interpretive dance. We
started with more formal critiques and then as a group had to interpret the
work, and using a piece of music set our response to a series of 8-counts.

Hope this helps,
Melissa Woodland


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From: Judy Decker []
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 11:24 AM
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Subject: Re:[teacherartexchange] Integrating PE and Art

Hi Paige,

Bravo to you and your PE teacher! I would talk local dance teachers.
See if you can get one to come in and help you. I had a dance teacher come
in and teach some ballet steps to my sixth graders. This went along with my
jungle unit. The students saw the ballet performance, Jungle Book.
My students came up with dance movements for various animals. I had several
dance students in my classes so each one of them took a group of students to
work with. Ironically, that day was the only day some of those students
participated in PE activities.

I would get Greg Percy's Songs in the Key of Art and come up with
movements/dances for a number of those songs. "Picasso Polka" in particular.
A dance teacher could help you.

I hope more list members will come up with ideas for you.

Judy Decker

On 10/24/06, Paige Baggett wrote:
> Teacher Art Exchange Members:
> Thank you for the thought-provoking discussions and useful ideas! I am
> collaborating with a PE teacher and we are looking for ideas
> integrating PE and art...such as the lessons described at
> Any ideas on using characteristics of the masters to connect with
> movement will be appreciated! ~Paige

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