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[teacherartexchange] Ruffled Feathers


Date: Fri Oct 20 2006 - 07:27:45 PDT

Normally, I'm a lurker on this list who try's to learn from the experience
of others for the betterment of my professional career, but I just had to
respond to your post about being "chastised" by another member.
In dealing with "poaching", I had a professor who once said he operates on
the premise of "C.A.S.E."; "Copy And Steal Everything", when it came to
ideas and lessons. He meant it "tongue in cheek", but his point was well
taken. We cannot expect to come up with every idea or lesson on our own. To
do so would have everyone reinventing the wheel as if it were their own.
Some of my best lessons belonged to others first, but I always asked
permission to use and/or modify it to my own needs from the original teacher
before implementation. I think this is prudent and I would expect the same
from others wanting to use any lessons of mine.
What bothered me about your post was the statement, “My first response was
to drop off the list. However, I will be even more careful not to offend
anyone in the future and unruffle my feathers.” Dropping out is not the
answer and I’m glad to see that you’re staying on. We can all benefit from
your input. Self-censoring yourself so as not to “offend” anyone I find
troubling, though. I’m not saying that a person should intentionally try to
offend, but trying to do the political correctness tap-dance is futile, to
say the least. It’s like walking on eggshells with combat boots. I find it
best to speak my beliefs, backed up by facts, and let the chips fall where
they may. No matter how milquetoast a comment will be, their will always be
someone who takes offense to it. Life is too short to go through it avoiding
offending others to my own detriment.
I’m sure others on this list feel this way to some extent, while another
group is “offended” by my comments, as well as my signature line. If so, I’d
like to hear from you. I find a healthy discussion is always better than ad
hominem attacks when there is a disagreement. I don’t expect anyone to
change my mind or me theirs, but I’m always open to different ideas and
Let the discussion begin!
Randall sends…
"Speak in English, Measure in Metric."
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A Summary of the International Standard Date and Time Notation.

Subject: response
From: "Randy Menninghaus" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 05:48:09 -0400
X-Message-Number: 2
The person who "poaches" from me is not on the membership of this list. I
have never tried to start a flame or be rude to another member. It is not
in my nature. However I was chastised off list by an other member who I
have to guess thought I was poking at a list member. It really surprised
me. My first response was to drop off the list. However, I will be even
more careful not to offend anyone in the future and unruffle my feathers.


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