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[teacherartexchange] I'm proud of myself, and I have to share


From: Heather Hayes (heatherglenn77_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 16:20:09 PDT

I seem to have figured out a way to get middle school students (or at least
MY ms students) interested in Art History!

Background: I read "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" this past
summer, and was intrigued by the warm-up exercises. I was already planning
on using warm-ups sometimes in class when our new principal announced during
pre-school inservice that we were going to be required to have warm-ups
every day.

I developed a warm-up worksheet that has 4 small squares for each day of the
week. I usually draw something on the board and have them try to recreate
it (a la the "Drawing..." book). Anyway, it occured to me last week that
since all the squares on my warm-up page touch - that it was like a grid
drawing. I could make each day's warm-ups part of a larger picture, so that
at the end of the week we have 1 large picture. (I plan on using this to
link into grid enlargements in the very near future) Last week, we did a
picture of pumpkins and a scarecrow.

Carol K. recently posted a link to, and I was browsing their
site of coloring pages and found the fine art ones. It dawned on me that I
could make the picture for our warm-ups come from a famous artist. This
week, I chose "The Scream." I am offering extra credit to anyone who can
tell me the title and name of the artist by Friday.

My kids are SO into it! Most of them have recognized the picture, but can't
quite place the title. I've offered them a couple of clues as to how to
find out the title and artist, but I won't tell them anything until Friday.
They're asking me all kinds of questions about the picture and
artist...trying to get me to give them something they can use to figure out
who/what it is.

My plan is to have a mini-lesson on Munch and "The Scream" tomorrow when we
finish drawing the picture. I'm also planning to tie in a bit about art
parody - since many students have commented to me about how they've seen
that picture in commercials and movies - but with other things dome to it.
Some of them even already know about the recent theft and recovery.
Hopefully, it will flow well because the suspense and interest has been
growing as we've drawn the bits of the picture.

Plus...I can point out to them that they've recreated a VERY famous painting
- they CAN do art!

I'm really excited about it...I just had to share!

Heather in TX

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