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Re: [teacherartexchange] my response- still about poaching


Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 11:36:01 PDT

Ah...the concept of that is a topic....who "owns" ideas? Consider that ideas exist in the larger culture and they are being sent out over the entire human experience as people interact. I am a product of the social interaction that I have been fortunate to experience in my life. My ideas are not entirely my own. I can see bits and pieces of my father and mother in my work. I see evidence of how my wonderful undergraduate advisor, Dr. Marilyn Zurmuehlen, permeates my being. I see evidence of how my doctoral advisor, Dr. Larry Kantner shaped my professional attitudes and aspirations.

I know it hurts when someone takes our work and seemingly passes it off as their own without so much of one mention of how you have contributed to their work. Be thankful that someone has regarded your work as worthy to be used, transformed and shared with others. Look around you to see how others have contributed to your work. Tell them thank you! Celebrate the good around you. Take a new perspective.

There are real world and serious issues we need to address in our work...Let us all, including myself, rise to a higher plane to focus on how we can make a difference. Surely, we can put aside our personal hurts and focus on how our profession can address intolerance, poverty, hunger, war, slavery, crime, injustice, sickness, and how we can use art to celebrate and focus on life, death, dreams, victories, relationships, freedom, love, hope, peace and joy.

Could we do this? Could we do this on this list? Could we agree to rise to a new plane of discourse? Could we agree among ourselves to nurture hope, love, and peace among our collective? Consider how we can do this. This is my dream for this list. After a long stressful day I want to log on to my computer and hear how you are making a difference in the lives of your students...I want and need to be inspired...being an art teacher educator is challenging. I need reasons to continue to educate my students to be art teachers. I look for that inspiration from this list.

With many thanks for the wonderful ideas shared on the list.



>Many of us appear to have feelings on this topic! I'm wondering if
>all the attention to copyright issues is making itself felt here. I
>know that I spend lots of time crafting rubrics and tweaking
>assignments as I see kids do them over the years. It is hard when
>someone takes the work that can be seen as my "intellectual
>property" and uses it in a lower grade, knowing I will be doing it
>later. Many times I have been asked to explain an assignment to
>someone who likes how it looks and wants to use it, but when I start
>unravelling it for them, it gets pretty "deep" as in, well, I started
>the year with this assignment to lead into this one so that
>eventually the students would have developed enough skill and
>understanding to complete the assignment that looks so good to the
>outside eye. So It's not so much the "poaching" but the fact that I
>am concerned about the level of understanding that goes into the
>project. That is part of intellectual property.
>Having said that, I am a poorer teacher without this list which has
>so freely shared "property" over the years. I never take a lesson
>plan verbatim from anywhere, but the ideas are often so brilliant and
>exciting that I refine them for my situations. And I guess that is
>what the poachers do as well. Both sides of the fence look pretty
>good and both sides need painting.
>2 cents,
>> It is strange to me when teachers get upset if a
>> teacher below them teaches their lesson (and I have
>> seen people get fist pounding mad over it.) It should
>> be good because they will have prior knowledge when
>> you get to introduce it, extend it, and differentiate
>> it. If you teach the process and don't micro-manage
>> the product all of the results are going to as varied
>> as your students.
>> I don't think other subjects get upset when the kids
>> all say that they have already learned to solve an
>> equation. And I know that I learned the parts of
>> speech every year into English 1 in college. My
>> daughter's dance teacher requires her to repeat the
>> same processes everyday multiple times. It would be
>> ridiculous if she had to dance to the exact same song
>> every time she dances. ( I would have to take her to a
>> new studio to learn how to dance to a new song!) We
>> often repeat images and methods for years in our
>> personal art. My friend told me that Hokusai painted
>> the mountains 10,000 times in his lifetime and never
>> felt he perfected it.
>> - Mikel
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