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Re:[teacherartexchange] classroom management/loud voices


From: jane mary (mjart49_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 15:15:10 PDT

I have a similiar system as your Green, yellow, and red signs. The only
difference is if the T in ART,(same as your Red sign),is turned over, I have
a choice of heads down or I can put my timer on for 5 min. for no talking.
We only have 30 min. classes once ever 3 days so I hate to not have them
make art every possoble moment! They actually like the timer and will ask me
to put it on anytime- even at the beginning of their work time. Another
suggestion- don't wait for the noise level to get too high before you turn
the green over. Kids actually like to work in a quiet room. I have been
quilty of waiting too long too. We get so busy doing things that noise can
get away from us.

Also, we had picture day this week and a day off for kids tomorrow. It
doesn't take much to get them off track and riled up! I stopped a 3rd grade
dead in their tracks and said we need to review the ru;les of the art room.
It took 5 min. but was worth it. The rest of the class was fine.

>Hello everyone. I too am struggling with finding a
>classroom discipline plan that works for me. I'm not
>having huge problems, just some noise issues and minor
>disruptions. I'm a first year elementary art teacher,
>previously I taught middle school art for a few years.
> I never realized how different it was! I had a
>kindergarten teacher tell me that her class was being
>too loud and I need to come down harder on them. So,
>I've come up with a plan and I'm hoping it will work..
> What I did was make three circles, one red, one
>yellow and green (like a stoplight of course). On the
>green one I wrote "Great Job". On the yellow one I
>wrote "Warning" and the Red one I wrote "Stop, heads
>down". What I'm going to do is similar to what some
>of you do. Green is when everything is going great.
>Yellow is when the class is becoming too noisy. If
>the card gets flipped to yellow, the class will only
>be allowed to use whispering voices. If the class
>improves then it might get flipped back to green. If
>the class gets worse, then we will go to red which
>will mean we will lay our heads on the table and take
>a silent break for a few minutes. I don't want them
>to put away everything and stop working, but I want
>them to know I mean business. Also, I'm going to do a
>similar thing for individuals.. give them a yellow
>warning slip when they have a warning. Then if they
>continue to misbehave they will go to an individual
>time out or other consequence. Any other ideas??
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