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Re: Tall Tales Giant Elem. Lesson


Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 17:00:08 PDT

We have done the giants in different ways. I had them do them in
cities. They could add whatever they wanted to their city...swarms of
huge bugs, giant sea monsters crawling up a bridge, or onto a wharf,
huge rats on freeways, one kid did a giant baby in a diaper crawling on
a freeway picking up cars like toys. My example was a giant shopper all
dressed up in high heels with a shopping bag. All you saw of her was
the bottom of her skirt and her legs and fancy high heels. She was
carrying a Neiman Marcus shopping bag. Kids have done just about every
kind of animal or creature you can think of. We looked at paintings of
cities by artists in a powerpoint. Some were whimsical, some realistic,
some abstract. We discussed the various shapes of buildings and the
details on them. We looked at the kinds of colors used. Then Judy
found me a couple of Goya paintings with giants in them. (Good old
Judy!!!!!! My hero!!!) Then I did some demonstrations of different
ways to draw buildings and change rooftops, angles, etc., add different
kinds of windows. We discussed overlapping, and I demonstrated how they
could tuck in freeway overpasses that went behind or in front of
buildings in the city. Perhaps they could be train tracks. We looked
at a book with pictures of bridges in it from Dover. Some made their
cities waterfronts and had giant something or others crawling up the
bridge, or swimming around, etc. in front of the city. There was a LOT
of overlapping. The giants were either in front of, between, on top of,
crawling up, or behind buildings in their city. A few transitioned from
city to countryside across the page. We have colored them in various
ways...we have used texture sheets and crayons with watercolor resist on
the buildings and watercolored the sky. We have used all oil pastel on
black paper and just used colored pencils for small details like letters
and little people or animals. One requirement is that they have all fo
the things in a, trucks, ambulances, police, fire engines,
tv crews, busses, and a lot of people reacting to this giant thing that
has come to town. They are really pretty amazing drawings, and the kids
LOVE doing them. They automatically make up the story as they draw
them. I have never had them write about them, but they certainly would
be great to write about. I tried to send Judy pictures today, but I'm
not sure I had the right address. I'll try again tomorrow and she can
post them for me. She's been asking for them for several months now, so
this was the impetus I needed to finally find some images for her. This
project really is fun and has so many layers. Literally!

Linda Woods

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