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Re: SMART Goals and assessment-and differentiation


Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 18:13:17 PDT

<< ...and as soon as they step over the line, whip out your phone and call
home. >>

This is a great tip but I have no way to afford a cell phone right now. Even
if I did, the teachers don't have access to the student's phone numbers.

<<...Good luck--and remember, every seven or so years we see a crop failure. >

LoL I've never heard this before.

<<...Every kid who drove me crazy turned out to have MAJOR life issues.    So
please don't think it is YOU.>>

Every kid at this school has major life issues. They are there because they
are unable to make it in the normal school system.
  We now have two middle schoolers that are pregnant, last year three of our
students committed murder... well, those are just the ones that got caught.
99% have gang affiliations and a good percentage have been abused. Third grade
girls hooking up with high school guys, suicide threat last week and very few
have that mechanism that stops them from going off. The littlest thing will
set them off. But no matter how hard they are, they are still just kids. I
had a fourth grader take down an older guy and had a pencil at his artery.
Same little boy wanted to know if he flew high enough in an airplane, would he be
able to see God. Wide eyed childish innocence still there under his
hardness. Another boy got in a fight, tough he was. Until his wrist started to swell
and they couldn't reach his Mom. Then he's just a hurt little boy with tears
threatening to spill out.

These kids are why I took this job. And the reason I want to make it work.
But they are also the reason that I come home utterly exhausted and uncertain
if I have what it takes. I'm normally a fast learner. I'm just not sure how
fast I can ascend this learning curve. It's pretty steep. I'm bookmarking
your discipline link. Thank you.

K. Montoya