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RE: storyboarding


From: Raining-Cats-and-Dogs (gmosborne_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Oct 19 2003 - 16:18:46 PDT

I do a lesson on storyboarding for high school, as I teach video
production, which I just happen to be doing this week.
A few things....
Most kids think they have to be cartoon artists to do storyboards.
In the film industry, yes, and they are paid well.
But for school no. Stick figures work just fine.
It the "written" description that is important at this level....If they
can describe the shot in words, it wont be a problem for them to shoot
I emphasize the visualization of the shot first, and do a demonstration
of that in class.
Understanding the elements of composition is a the key to being able to
put your shot to storyboard.
Needless to say, I do a lesson on the 12 or so elements of composition
for video first. The kids have to then go out and shoot 30 different
shots...zooms, closeups, pans and 12 different elements of composition
and some others. Once they understand the basics, storyboarding becomes
much easier as there are so many options.
One of the hardest parts is breaking a short scene down into its
individual shots...
Show a 5 minute scene with lots of edits is a you can count
the number of shots that make up that scene. The kids then understand
that each shot, is its own frame in the storyboard.
Sometimes, a short 15 second scene may have 25-30 shots in it...

I then make them write out on the storyboard:
shot type,
shot length
and shot is...

Shot type: MCU(medium close up)(long shot, etc.)
Shot is:(Low angle? Eye Level? High angle?)
Length is: 3 sec etc.

It is important that they break a scene down to its shots...that really
Hoepfully that helps...
If you have any further questions let me know...

Gary O.

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Subject: storyboarding

Was wondering if anyone has done a lesson storyboards. I am beginning a
on film with my ninth grade media arts class and would like it to
culminate in
a small group storyboard project.
     Even though I've done numerous storyboard in my previous
profession, I'm
looking for some tips on how to present this to ninth graders.

Thanks in advance,

mike sacco
p.j. gelinas jhs

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