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Assessment in Photoshop


From: Donna Pauler (dpauler_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Oct 18 2003 - 09:14:57 PDT

I teach Photoshop--Digital Imaging I and II at a community college. I
use variety of techniques for instruction and evaluation. Here is
format followed:
We use Classroom in a Book for DI 1 (but any tutorial based book would
work the same.) Start off with basics of "imaging, getting around
Photoshop selections and layers. Along with doing the tutors
highlights on certain skills are demonstrated. I just "check off"
students on the assigned lessons for accuracy in finishing them. I find
most students don't know how to use the program or the skills in a
tutor like this from just "going through the lesson". So these may be
supplemented with "practices" using specific skills introduced in the
lesson. So after a couple tutors, practices (which are basically just
check off's) and demonstrations we give the student "integrating
exercises" that require the student to complete a project using those
skills along with selected art principles. The skills are listed in the
rubric to grade them such as using specific selection tools, making
clean edges, naming layers, etc. There isn't as much emphasis on the
design part as the skills but this could be modified. After this larger
more comprehensive projects are assigned at midterm and final such as
designing advertisements, web splash screens, etc)
I have copied and pasted one such integrating lesson below with rubric.
(I don't know how this will show up in text in email. If it runs
together too much I can send pdf.):

Digital Imaging I Student Name________________________________
Integrating Exercise #2 “Visual Puns”
Using Masks and Pen Tool

Objective: To practice the skills from CIB vs. 7, Lessons 6 and 9
Skills: Masks: quick masks, saving & loading selections, extraction.
Pen: drawing paths, editing points, saving paths, converting to
selections.Concepts: Create a visual pun from words that have a double
meaning. Design: Have point of emphasis and image dominant to
background or surroundings.Resources: Photoshop Samples folder, digital
camera images, internet: () or images provided by instructor. Planning:
Make up a list of some possible puns such as: strong box, watch dog,
coat of arms, night mare, shoe tree, navel orange, light house.
Visualize an image from these words. (A box with muscles, a watch in
shape of dog head, etc.) Look through samples file or gather other
potential images. Complete 2-4 thumbnails of ideas. Get checked off by
instructor. Document: Set up a Photoshop document 5” x 7” or 7” x 5”
with a resolution of 72 dpi, RGB. Save your image with “your name
Integrate 2” into your own work folder. Selections will be made from
multiple images and put into this file. Description:Students will
create visual representation of selected pun or words that sound alike.
Masks and the pen tool skills are to be incorporated in the process.
Write down steps describing tools and techniques used. Students will be
evaluated for completing the following activities, quality checks and
degree of creativity.
Activities/Skills/Followed Directions: Points
Set up document at stated size and resolution. 5/
Created one selection and saved it with a name. 5/
Used Quick Mask to edit a selection. 4/
Used pen tool as a selection tool for at least two elements. 8/
Used extraction technique for one element. 4/
Used one other selection tool. 4/
Included a text layer. (Name of pun used.) 5/
Named and grouped layers. (Instructor initials here for check off) 5/
Met requirements for concept: Visual Pun with point of emphasis,
dominance. 5/
Made clean selections with pen /mask tools. Soft/hard edges as
necessary. 5/
Adjusted size of image as necessary. (Larger canvas or cropped.) 5/
        Sub-Total 50/
Hand in Materials: (Project cannot be evaluated without turning in the
Written documentation. Word-processed preferred. +/-5/
Thumbnails (2) checked off by instructor. +/-5/
Project printed black/white laser with this grade sheet. (Or instructor
check) +/-5/
Subtracted points for turning in late work and missed presentation.
(-10%) -5/
Added points for creativity and extra effort. +