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Re: Linda's MS Word Chart with Photos idea


Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 16:57:30 PDT

Glad you like the table and digital photo combo. For those who missed
this post from me, I explained how I created a table in MS word for the
purpose of creating a mini-portfolio of every child's work. I take the
pictures and work them up, rename them as usual and save them to a
folder by class with names like 5-1SamanthaWoodSculpture,
5-1SamanthaPastelStillLife, and so on.
THen I create a table in MS Word with one row column and one row per
child. So for a class of twenty, I create a table with one column and
20 rows. Then I write each child's name in a row on the table,
alphabetically. Then i minimize the screens for the table and the index
of the photos to half a screen for each. After this, it's just a matter
of clicking and dragging each child's photos into their row of the
table. You can resize the photos to a smaller size in the table by
clicking on the photo, and with the shift key down, drag the corner of
the selected photo towards the center of the photo. you can keep adding
more photos indefinitely, and you can make comments in there as many as
you wish. It' s an expanding record and portfolio for each kid in a
class!!! Now I drop photos into the files and write very few notes on
kids until comment time. I can tell at a glance who is behind and the
kind of work they have been doing. I can see progress, and write easily
and personally about each kid when it is time to write comments. THe
only real notes I write are the important behavior comments or poor
workhabits comments that should be mentioned in a midquarter or as an
accumulation of data for specific children. The tradeoff in time spent
working up photos is more than worth the personal notes I can write
about "Susie's blue rabbit pastel" or whatever. Now....get ready for
THIS...You can do the same thing (create a table and click and drag
images into it) with your powerpoints! You can work with two split
screens, have the list of powerpoints on a CD or in a file, whatever,
opened on half the screen. Have the other half of the screen be a MS
Word table with 2 columns and 8 rows (more or less.) Simply click and
drag each powerpoint into a cell in your table. VOILA!!! The first
image of each powerpoint opens up within that cell of your table. You
can see at a glance VISUALLY what your powerpoints are. I have a
notebook filled with printed pages in full color of the first image on
every Powerpoint I have on each CD. I keep the CD for those PPTS in a 3
hole punch plastic sleeve for CDs right behind the images. I have split
all of my powerpoints I have created into grade levels I would
potentially do them in, and they are on a CD for that grade level. It
totally rocks, it's so dad gum organized!

Linda Woods,
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