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Re: MIssing art or a special for classroom discipline


From: Cathy K (ckerch_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Oct 13 2003 - 13:09:11 PDT

As the new art teacher I've quickly discovered that room was the designated
"put it there room". Let me explain. Since the start of the school year I
had entered my classroom almost each morning to find supplies that belong to
another class, materials that belong to another teacher who unbeknownst to
me had used my classroom without my permission to sort her work, in-service
folders for 50 teachers laid out all over my tables for a workshop that
wasn't happening until a month later, a mural (4' x 15') donated to the
school that is supposed to be hung in the hall way, party supplies for other
classroom teachers and trash (two to three bags of it). I've complained to
the Administration telling them that my room is not a storage site for the
middle school. "It is not only unsantiary to leave trash in my room just
because you know that I go to the trash bins but it's darn right rude and
makes me feel like you don't like me or that you think my art class is just
a piece of trash!" The administrator talked to the other teachers and staff
about the situation and since that time they've stopped using my room to
store things. I did receive an apology from the "trash" leaving teacher who
said that she did not know that her students were putting the trash in my
room. Apparently one of her students left the trash in my room because he
didn't want to be late for volleyball practice and since I wasn't in my room
at the time he thought I wouldn't notice. He then told the rest of his
classmates what to do to get out of taking the trash down the stairs and out
the back of the school to the trash bins. That student is now taking my
trash out for me for the next month. Just when I thought my classroom was
no longer the "put it in there" room...a new issue arises. The 7th/8th
grade Science teacher started hanging out in my room while during her prep
time to do her work or use my computer while I was teaching. The next thing
I knew she was bringing in her high school student aids to do sorting and
filing in my classroom. This really ticked my students off because the
older kids would make comments. Since I had already gone to the
administration about the previous issue I decided to handle this myself
especially when I found out from one of my art students that the Science
teacher's computer was working perfectly fine. In a very nice professional
manner I told her that her presence in my class was distracting my students
and me. That the only reason I had let her in my classroom to do her work
that one time was because she had told me her computer wasn't working and
she needed to do her grades. But I understand that her computer is working
so she really doesn't need to be on mine. I also explained that bringing in
other students who don't even go to our school and having them do work for
her in my classroom sends me a message that she thinks I don't teach and
that I must have room full of invisible students because obviously she
ignores their presence everytime she enters or brings people in my room
while I am teaching. Now, mind you this is a young teacher in her 20's who
has only taught for 2 years but what an idiot. She looked at me with blank
eyes like she didn't know what the heck I was talking about and said "oh,
sorry" and then walked away. I may have to take this one to the
administration because on Thursday I was out sick and came back Friday to
find a stack of Science papers in my room that she apparently had left.
When I approached her on this, she looked at me blankly and whined..."but
your classroom is so much more comfortable then mine, it's so hard to work
on high table tops." I wanted to scream at that point. I just shook my
head and said please don't use my classroom when I'm out, I have a lot of
art work that belong to the students and if anything is broken or smeared
they would be devestated. Again, blank look. As I said I think this one
needs an administration touch.

Thanks for listening to my rant.
Honolulu, HI

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