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Jancy's On Target Files (plus assessment)


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Oct 13 2003 - 11:13:44 PDT

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Dear Friends in Art Education,

Jancy Cossin shared with the list a discipline
practice that is working wonders for her. She calls it
On Target - students are given two minutes once
the bell rings to get everything in order ready for
class to begin. Anyone not meeting that target goal is
marked on an over head chart (with a mark - not the
student name)
I have linked up her over head chart file and
long-term tracking file --IF you do not the image of
the chart --which does happen when Word is translated
to html - email me for the Word file
( ) - I will know then to put the
Word file linked to this page. Please do not ask the
list for the file - just send request to me).


This is a good time to share what Michael Gerrish sent
to me -- on student expectations - positive learning
environment - encouraging words thread.

Learning Foundations for all curricula for Bridge
Academy - also included Academic Outcomes for Visual
Arts, which are based on NJCCCS. All material is ©
2003 The Bridge Academy.but I'm sure you can use it as
a starting point.

Learning Foundations (Each is marked Y=Yes,
I=Inconsistent, N=No)
1.Prepared for instruction
1.1.Arrives in class on time
1.2.Makes eye contact with teacher
1.3.Stays seated and quiet
1.4.Has homework ready to hand in
1.5.Has pens or pencils ready
1.6.Has appropriate materials out

2.Completes homework and class work
2.1.Neatly writes or types work
2.2.Demonstrates best effort
2.3.Completes work in a timely manner
2.4.Returns work unwrinkled, untorn, unstained

3. Uses organizational strategies
3.1.Uses homework planner
3.2.Neatly places work for each subject into its
3.3.Uses homework folder nightly
3.4.Cleans out notebook weekly
3.5.Keeps bookbags out of traffic areas
3.6.Puts name, date, and title on each assignment

4.Maintains time on task
4.1.Focuses on given assignment
4.2.Uses speaker power* during discussion
4.3.Asks for teacher assistance in appropriate manner

5.Works independently
5.1.Attempts to use learning strategies before asking
for help
5.2. Works quietly without disturbing other workers
5.3.Shows an attempt to complete homework or writes at
least 2 sentences explaining his/her problem

6.Works cooperatively
6.1.Uses speaker power*
6.2.Respects opinions of others
6.3.Demonstrates individual accountability
6.4.Displays positive interdependence
6.5.Addresses group members and teachers by
appropriate name

7.Invested in academic progress
7.1.Knows learning style(s)
7.2.Knows reading, writing, and math level
7.3.Sets SMART goals with teacher (specific,
measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely)
7.4.Monitors his/her own progress toward goals
7.5.Shows initiative in day-to-day work
7.6.Learns and employs self-advocacy skills

*Speaker Power - When a student asks for speaker
power, he/she raises the hand. When acknowledged,
that student has the right to be listened to with
respect and without interruption.

Report Card Outcomes - Visual Arts

1.Demonstrates aesthetic awareness in creating and
responding to the Arts
2.Demonstrates awareness of skills in a variety of
Visual Art media
3.Demonstrates an understanding of the Elements and
Principles of Art
4.Demonstrates an understanding and command of the
Critique process
5.Demonstrates an understanding of the Visual Arts'
role in World Cultures, History and Society

(sorry about the off formatting - but you can the

Michael also shared a fun story with me about "Noble"
the bright pink bull piñata. Whenever they had a class
discussion they would pass around Noble
(yes like a talking stick). If a child had Noble he
had to answer in a polite and serious manner (NO BULL
was allowed --smile). Michael says he got
a lot of mileage out of that silly pink bull (got a
lot of serious art talk going on - students looked
forward for their turn to hold Noble).


Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Department
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