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Re: Dragons (note to Carolyn too)


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Oct 11 2003 - 08:09:30 PDT

(Carolyn scroll down to your note at the bottom -
since I am talking to two people - I am sending to the
list - others might be interested in dragons, too)

Hi Brenda,

How about turning it into a lesson on the history and
origins of the Dragon... a comparison of Eastern and
Western dragons....some of the symbolism involved? I
have some links I can send to you off list...and a
great interactive link for Korean dragons.

Here is Randy's file on Eastern Dragons:

He is probably too young to introduce him to the
original Beowulf (too advanced reading)- but there is
an easier English translation (paraphrased - easy to
understand) online and I can send you that link, too.
My husband's students absolutely LOVE the Beowulf
comic book - wonderful illustrations! - I'll get that
link to you....but will send you offlist one dragon
scan - Yes - showing different values).

Have your son start making his own comic book story
with illustrations. Laminate the pages so he has a

Do a Pop Art inspired lesson - color the dragons in
all sorts of different colors (photocopied to the size
of slides) - insert the pictures into slide mount
pages and display that way....or do larger - four on a
page and color/paint with bright colors - four
different versions - like Andy Warhol. He did a St.
George Dragon.
Warhol did this one in several different color
combinations --here are some of them:

Thanks for this link! This has to go on Larry's Chuck
Close lesson plan - this is where he got the idea!


> My son and his friends love drawing Magna and
> dragons (like Yu-gi-oh). I
> dislike teaching it but they really want a lesson
> along those lines. So I am
> thinking of taking his fifty or so drawings and
> reducing them very small on the
> copy machine. Then I want him to cut them up and
> think of them as values
> and create a main figure (my son likes dragons) out
> of them.
> Any suggestions from anyone who has done this?

Note to Carolyn: The message that Lawrence sent to me
WAS NOT something that all list members needed to see.
It was a PERSONAL message to me. He posted his
question to the list "Why didn't my last message show
up?" It didn't show up because my message to him was a
PERSONAL message to him sent to his address only and
he replied to it. I deleted it so I no longer have it
to send to you. I think Brenda answered your question
very well. I do not have your message to reply to - so
am just explaining right here. Hope this is an
adequate explanation. If Sara Grow can see that a lot
of posts are "noise" - Why can't others? Sara has only
been on this list a short time. Personally, I am
surprised what posts of mine get attention (look how
much attention the Double Posts one got -- yet a
question about mandalas for Michal got very little). I
answered Pam Smith's request about double posts off
list and her problem was solved. I will try to make
more posts offlist in the future. I do want to keep
you happy. You are right, I should have replied off
list to Lawrence - that was my error. Getty ArtsEdNet
Talk List is a gift from Getty - let's all try to keep
it about art education. Personal attacks do not need
to be aired on the list.
I received several requests already this morning
asking me not to unsubscribe I won't.

Judith Decker
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