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Elementary -Art-Science - plus Think Art Hats


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 10:20:36 PDT

(Sorry Jeryl I didn't get this idea shared yet-- I
guess there was a reason (smile -- the work is

Dear Elementary Art Educators,

(scroll down if you want "Think Hats"),

Check out Jeryl's second grade butterflies:
>>You can see our butterflies on our school web site

From Jeryl (more details on "how-to" on her web page):

I just got done with the most awesome lesson with 2nd
graders. They were studying buterflies in science and
had hatched some. Students drew them on a half sheet,
traced them at windows, outlined with black crayons,
painted with water color paints (used warm or cool
palette) then cut them out and we created a big mural
on blue paper. I glued half circles of brown to the
bottom and they cut out lots of yellow petals and
glued on so it would look like the butterfly flock was
hovering over the flowers. I was in the hall
gluing my signs that explained the lesson (with photos
of them working) and our new superintendent walked
up-I just handed him the glue gun and said,
here hold this while I work!! He was very impressed
with the work! (Jeryl - I just had to include this
good news!)

If you do not have windows - you can transfer easily
by outlining the one side with black crayon (heavily)
-then folding to the inside and rubbing to the other
side with rounded scissors handle. Then outline the
transer with black crayon. (Ebony pencils work well
for transfer too)

(paraphrased from Jeryl)
Jeryl has a big screen TV hooked up to her computer
and used this site from ArtsConnectEd:

  It has a section on warm and cool colors that is
very effective to show students. She used it with 2nd
graders when they did warm and cool butterflies and
watching the little video from the ArtsConnectEd site
really helped them understand the concept. The one on
negative/positive is also great. She used it with 3rd
graders when they made stencils and they had to watch
it over and over. (Jeryl - this sounds like a good
idea to toss out to the list -- introduces the concept
of stencil printing - Folks will be interested)

More science integration - See Jeryl's Ceramic leaf

"Think Art Hats"

The other day I got this wacky idea to do "Think Art"
Hats with Kindergarteners. (I saw some VERY neat hats
on the Benjamin Franklin School Site- done with 2nd
grade Jeryl has shown
how much fun hats can be with kindergarteners:'s%20hats.htm

Jeryl found it to be a challenge to get all hats done
AND photographed in 45 mintues -- but looks like her
efforts paid off.

What if you introduced the hats one day? -- showed
many examples of master works with hats (I have
additional ones if you want - Jeryl has two on her
site)- had students make their hat...Then with each
new art element introduced, add that to their hats.
Maybe even use yarn for lines for some added
texture...Students can wear their Think Art Hats
whenever you talk about art - inspecting the works
shown for the elements in question...They can wear
their hats while going on a "Line Hunt" (Your own hat
could be a cheap white pithe helmet decorated with all
of the elements). The hats can be the quick and easy
idea to explore the elements -- then they can make a
work of art using that element. By the end of the year
- they will have the wild and wacky hats with all art
elements to remember each one... Like I said - it was
a wacky idea.

If you don't want to do a wild and wacky hat
idea...the elements of art book is also a good idea -
many have shared that one. Students make a page for
their book first exploring the element of study --
then create a work of art to treasure, too. MaryAnn
Kohl shared a nifty way to protect the pages --insert
into a Zip Lock baggie (this idea is on her Bright
Ring Web Site). Parents would donate the Zip Lock
Baggies (saves on laminating each page). Pages can be
punched and tied together with yarn, ribbons -
whatever (I can't recall what Mary Ann recommends

The Benjamin Franklin Hats were done by 2nd graders
(Anne Heiman - your students? or Mrs. Delagrange?)
These were done for Pre-Columbian art (bird helmets)-
12 x 18 paper folded "hot dog" way -- and also for
Australia (Rainbow Bird hats). I couldn't find the
image quickly - if anyone would like to see it - I
will search the site again. Anyways -- they got me
thinking about the "Think Art" hats.

Have fun getting students to think art.


Note: The butterflies would be a good lesson to try
Cathy Gaul's idea of painting with watercolors mixed
with gloss memdium. You just put a touch of water in
the water pans to let soak --then mix with a touch of
acrylic gloss medium to paint. Cathy's fish were

Judith Decker
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