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Mosaic "Mandala" idea -LOTS of GREAT IDEAS


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 12:23:14 PDT

(Patty K. and Joe A. - see photo ideas - doable?)

Dear Friends in Art Education,

I am always looking for ideas that answer my survey
respondents needs...browse some that I share in this
email. Mainly for high school and middle school -- but
some very doable with elementary. I will ONLY write up
a lesson plan for these ideas if folks send me images
that they did and a brief how they did it with their
students. I'll share the images ASAP - the
lesson plans will take time.

An Artists Tour of the Fisher College of Business at
Ohio State University -The Art of Leadership:
For those who don't want more ideas - just save the
link above to visit later. Amanda Linn - if reading -
this site has brief artists' statements that are worth

Create your own "mandalas with a message" - literally
Barbara Kruger
Folks who are looking for what to do with scrap mat
board and scrap paper...combine with technology
(computer letters) -- or do with real mosaic
and combine wit Scrabble board letters - for your own
messages - Cool idea! I do like Barbara Kruger's work
(my guess is this is her concept - someone
else did the actual work -- just a theory). I want
this on IAD if anyone gets inspired.

Also...GOOD NEWS! Sculpture by Barbara Chavou
This artist has done artist in residencies in Lima
ArtSpace and the Lima City Schools. Her work is very
doable with kids - using corrugated cardboard - or
foamcore board - or Dow Styrofoam - or recycled
Styrofoam...Credit her with the idea of using puffy
paints on art. I got the idea from her (just couldn't
remember her name) -- sure changed the way I
did art with kids. More on her to come (soon). I want
a lesson on her on IAD if any one gets inspired.

Attention Photo people -- check out this idea...very
interesting - math integration too: be
sure to click more ideas too - If anyone does this - I
want it on IAD.
Laura Bova - math integration - tessellation and
reflection - is this doable with kids? IAD is
"Bova likes to take a scene and alter it through
photography, using different lenses and
three-dimensional collage."

Bridget Boss - Math meets ceramics (this is glass -
but you can do clay): Let me know if
you get inspired... I am looking for more work by her
too - she does number with everything she
does. "I include numbers in everything I do, and enjoy
making equations which render a mathematical dialogue
in the creation of a piece of artwork."

Fused glass artist to link to our Lesson Plan on IAD:
Rene Culler:

Ken Schwab and Samantha if you are reading- you will
like Kimono:
"Kimono, 6 (After Rain) is part of a long series of
paintings and monotypes which are an evocation of both
the multicultural and temporal layering which
exists in our contemporary experience and thought."

Woodworking relief - to use as inspiration for clay:
LaVon Van Williams Jr
"You're probably trying to express the soul or the
inner part or the personality of a person, more so
than trying to capture the exact image,like a
photograph would do."

Doable-Ceramic relief - make a cardboard relief panel
(include gadgets too - nuts and bolts - computer parts
and such)- press in clay - finish both
relief panels with antique brown patina and display
side by side:
Thomas Lollar I will
link this idea up to the ceramic relief lesson on IAD
(soon... grin)

Ooo- Ooo Check out these collage pieces - Kids can do
this! Math connections! Todd DeVriese (also can tie
in Islamic art with this unit) IAD
wants this if anyone takes a nibble.

Ken Schwab if you are reading - another one for Cut-Up
paintings - I'll put this link on: Laurence Holden
Neat Abstract expressionism ones - too (I'll add this
link to the lesson -- soon) Mary Beam

A different theme to think about for African Art -
Shona Sculpture:
Bernard Bore
this is for folks wanting to know what to carve out of
their plaster blocks that they cast. "Some Shona
works take their themes from African folklore,
while others rely on abstract forms. Stylized animals,
gods, spirits, ancestors, and totems are the most
popular subjects." Let me know if this
sparks and ideas - I want it on IAD.

A different type of "Quilt" - mixed media on board -
might spark a mural idea for your building? Calista
 "Business expertise is an art as well as a science. A
grid format seemed an appropriate way of expressing
this diversity......I spiked the grid with
symbols of our strides in business from earlier in
this century, as well as many images that I hope will
be identified with the present."

Here is one even elementary kids can do!
Anthony Davenport
"series of sculptures and reliefs in clay, cast paper,
and aluminum, based on the juxtaposition of
architectural fragments." How about - Cardboard
relief covered with aluminum foil and patina of Indian
ink or shoe polish - Clay relief tiles - wood relief
panels. IAD wants to know if this sparks an

Elementary, too - FISH! Charlotte Lees
Very doable with clay - patterns inspired by nature -
patterns inspired by cultres " I have chosen the fish
as my metaphor. Using this recognizable form, I
integrate designs that find their origins in diverse
cultures. Fish Tales represents ethnic patterns from
African, Inuit, prehistoric, and Asian cultures. It
retells the story of many people." Storytelling fish!
If you don't have clay - try paper mache - still
doable. Create your own kind of animal tales.

This is all from The Art of Leadership -- the start of
a Great Site idea now for IAD:

What led me to this site? Kris Fontes' reply to
Faith's Story Quilts --which got me to tell her about
Aminah Robinson - which sent me looking for images
to share with Kris......which brought me to this page:
(Here is Kris Fontes' email address if anyone wants to
thank her for these great ideas smile Kris!)

High school teachers in particular (middle school too)
- If you are stumped for ideas - tour each building -
a real "Idea Factory" IAD is interested if these
artists spark a project.

I looked at every work on this site - just pointed out
a few to you...Enjoy the rest at your leisure.

ArtsEdNetters who view this kind of post as a waste of
your time - please do not tell me. I spent two hours
preparing this email. I enjoyed it - and hope it
sparks some new lesson plans for Incredible Art
Department. So many want more lessons plans.


Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Resources

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