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RE: Kiln / Education for Future Art Teachers


From: Fields, Linda (fieldsl_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 12:11:37 PDT

Long ago, I might have felt the same way. Back in the days when Madeleine Hunter's 6 step lesson plan was in vogue, I argued that teaching art was different from teaching other subjects. The years have taught me differently, however. The "Principles of Learning and Teaching" are really the same, regardless of subject matter. Additionally, in this day and time, even art teachers are expected to integrate their learning with other subjects-in fact, I find myself teaching math lessons quite often as part of my art lessons. I wasn't a "math person" either, but it's my job to help my students develop and understand concepts that will help them to succeed. Yes, colleges should prepare their students for exams and such, but what has happened to personal responsibility?
In my opinion, every teacher should have a basic command of the language, including proper spelling and grammar, as well as math, history, science, etc. Art teachers in particular need to be able to draw on a wealth of knowledge to help their students understand the far-reaching influence of art on society and society on art.
I don't think PA's standards are any higher than many other states, including North Carolina (and it least most of them pay better). Would you want to teach in a state whose standards were low, a state that didn't care what its teachers know and can do? Would you want your children to attend school in one of those?
By the way, when I started teaching, I didn't know how to do printmaking, fire a kiln, make jewelry, etc. It's on the job training, just like in many other professions.
I guess I'm "ranting" too. I just have a thing accepting responsibility for themselves. It's the way I was reared and trained. Linda in NC
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From: Ian []
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 10:18 PM
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Subject: Re: Kiln / Education for Future Art Teachers

I would have to say that my university did not properly prepare me to pass the Praxis Exams. Hehe, it took me 3 years AFTER college to pass all my Praxis exams. In particular, the "Principles of Learning and Teaching" What a rediculous, unneccessary test. Like I really need to learn how to teach a math lesson? I mean, thats why I went into art, I hated math! Plus PA's "standards" are so high! Sorry for the rant.


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