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Re: Van Gogh and why make art?


From: Larry Seiler (lseiler_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 15:10:26 PDT

Genie said-
<PRE>I appreciated this topic because several times when I've showed artwork
the students to critique, there were students who said the artist must have
been bored. I assured them that artists are never bored - at least I can't
imagine it - but wanted to offer more about the "deep compelling need to
create." <snip> Anyone else run into this? Genie Holt
-- -

Hey Genie...!

I have these little come back things, talks like...and kids know its likely
to happen! When kids talk about boredom, I get all excited...let my face
light up. I tell 'em one of the first things I'm gonna do when I get ta
heaven is thank the good Lord for a good dose of that stuff!

Why, without boredom...we'd be content to watch flies walk around and buzz
on the window sills and never get 'round to the stuff called life!

I tell 'em boredom is nature's clueing in process. That much potential lies
just beyond. Boredom is not the problem! Its how and what we do to
"escape" boredom. We can develop ourselves and become skilled at something
as one form of escape, or add up a collasal waste of time and human

I get that Australian outback crocodile Steve guy's voice and accent and
imitate his enthusiasm, "Hheeeuh I amm en da wwwWiiild wwwhaaaacky wwworld
uv blooOOmin HUUUUmin poTENNNshul. Why jest wunn bite frum boRRRHedom's
POWWafuhl VENum and in just THIRRRtee secundz I can goh frum noBAHHdee
speshul to a FrrweekIN GEEEEnnyus! Puut sum PAInt in mEYE handz 'n stanD
back....LooOOOook Ooout Yor in da way ov da CANNvas stoifflin meye
prooogress, mate!

I owe much to the greatest gift to human potential know to man...BOREDOM!

Thanks to that wonderful gift, I've learned to play guitar, write music,
play blues harmonica, sing, paint paintings, carve wood sculptures, spend
countless hours in the woods studying animals, played tennis thru highschool
and college....eGAAAAds.

In fact...wish some more of that abundant boredom would be so kind to grace
me, and give me some more hours in a day to boot!

At any rate....once in a while...I really go off in some raving crazed
antics taking the kids by surprise! seems to get thru. We all
have a good laugh as well.

Larry S.