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Re: Elementary Art Budget


From: linda eastman (lindacharlie_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Oct 06 2002 - 00:10:35 PDT

on 10/7/02 1:01 AM, Susan Bass at wrote:

> As part of my budget preparation, I am trying to determine comparable
> elementary art budgets...

susan, there was a recent thread on art budgets which you can find by
searching the artsednet archives for august and sept i think. however you
will find that budgets are all over the map so to speak. i teach in 2 k-6
schools where i can basically order anything i need as long as i supply the
principals with good reasons. these principals are very supportive of art in
their schools.
on the other hand, i taught last year at another building in the same
district, sharing the class load there w/ another art teacher. that school
was approx the same size as yours and we were given a budget of $1 per
student for the year....half in sept, the rest in jan.! we were appalled
when told this! (the former principal of this building had been a big
supporter of art and in fact commissioned me to do 3 very large paintings to
hang in the school library when they had it remodeled 10 years ago.) it was
a good thing that there were some supplies left over from previous years for
us to use because the $1 figure was ridiculous. we did a fabulous job on
this pittance, wowed the prince w/ a drop dead spring art show, and this
year my partner, who is still there, submitted a supply list slightly more
than last year and nothing was chopped out of it...she considered that a
major advance in this prince's thought process. (she is a very left-brained
concrete, sequential person who seems to think art = handprint turkeys.)
so, my recommendation is that you develop a curriculum based on the national
standards, determine what supplies you need (within reason) to deliver it,
promise a really nice exhibit of student work that will make the principal
look good, and see if you don't get what you want (deserve!). of course,
this may mean someone else does without something because district budgets
do have limits - that is something we all have to deal with. if you have not
been there very long it may take some time to accomplish this but you have
to try. there are loads of helpful ideas that appear on this list (and in
the archives) for using found items, recycling, donations, discards, and
sources you might never have thought of to obtain materials for your program
so stay tuned! here's one to start you off: visit a local printer and ask
him to save left over paper for you. i have gotten tons of really wonderful
paper this way. kids don't mind painting huge pictures on the backs of old
good luck!
linda in michigan