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Re: Technology in Art Education


From: Jancy & Mike Cossin (jmcossin_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 15:14:17 PDT

Survey Questions for Teachers

Background Questions

1. How long have you been teaching for? this is my 8th year

2. What classes do you teach? 6th, 7th, and 8th grade art- previously I also taught a unit art class for severely emotionally disturbed students.

3. What is your technology background and how have you been able to utilize it in your teaching? Basic technology courses in undergrad and grad school. Programs learned were really on my own.

4. How has the curriculum changed over the past several years due to technology?

It has started to incorporate more graphics requirements.

Technology Integration Questions

1. How have you integrated technology into your classes? 6th graders work with paint, 7th graders work with scanning and manipulating images for an advertising assignment, 8th graders utilize Adobe Photoshop for portraits.

2. What hardware software or other equipment is used in your classes? mspaint, adobe photoshop, publisher, word.

3. How were these lesson plans developed, by you, web sites, staff
            development, etc.?

by me

4. What technology facilities /equipment does your school / county put at your disposal?
we have two labs that teachers can sign up and use. Each lab has a full class' worth and our library has about 15 or so. We have one computer in our classrooms.

5. Have students been receptive, adaptive to introduction of technology in the classroom? Please elaborate. They have been motivated and the curriculum builds well as 6th graders have a computer course that is required.

6. Has technology had any affect on expression of creativity from students?
How so?
Some students voiced that they felt their creativity was stinted, some said they liked it because they had more options.

7. How has technology helped, hindered, changed the way you teach your respective classes?

I can't live without it! I use for all of my grades and parent communications. Parents email me daily, as do students. With this website, students and parents can check their grades and assignments at any time. It is always averaged so it makes grade time a lot easier! I utilize powerpoints to bring images to students that I never would have been able to due to limited funds. I also have students research and present information about artists through powerpoint.

Technology has aided my planning, grading, and teaching practices. It has made me more efficient and organized as well as provided me with a great tool for communication.

8. Within the field of art education what changes do you see / anticipate due to technology? A) How has technology impacted, influenced art education?

It has stretched the capabilities of artists, particularly in graphics & photography. We now have a component added to our curriculum. I think a source of frustration that has developed as a result of introducing technology is the lack of professional development training for teachers to learn to use software.

B) How do you foresee technology impacting, influencing art education?

Graphics programs will develop further and the impact of media technology (graphics courses, animation, etc.) will trickle down and gel as high school courses. Of course, this will only occur in wealthier districts. In poorer areas, it won't have very much effect. I also believe the effect will also be based on the teacher herself/himself. Many teachers vow not to use the technology available to them regardless of what it can do. The belief that art must be created with the pencil and hand rather than the mouse still pervades.

          9. What materials and resources are you using to support activities integrating technology? Textbooks, Web resources, etc.

We have no textbooks and have had budget cuts. We currently own 4 different programs, which no one will install on our computers. We finally had adobe put on our classroom computers, but we had to write a grant last year to get them on there. All other classrooms have two to three computers in their rooms- the higher power of "They" decided that we didn't need computers because we "wouldn't need them."

10. What challenges need to be recognized for technology to be a better tool for art education?

   We need additional computers in every art room (most people have none!), teacher training not only on how to use the programs themselves, but how to apply it in the classroom. Workshops would be great, as well as visiting experts in the field of technology.


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