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Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 06:59:30 PDT

Maybe you all know how to do this. Hope you will sign this and send it on!!!

attached mail follows:

Dear People,

Recently, the editor of Chatelaine (Sally Armstrong, ex Homemaker's
Editor) was interviewed on CBC radio. She had just returned from a
trip to Afghanistan to see the present state of affairs for herself,
having been told the situation had "improved". She stated that the
situation has deteriorated even further, as is detailed in the
following message.

She noted that there has been a worldwide outcry against the
Taliban's recent destruction of ancient Buddhist statues, far more
vocal than any outcry against the Taliban's destruction of Afghan
women! With the speed and scope of Email, we can, if we persist,
provide not 9,000, but 9,000,000 signatures to the governments of the
free world. Let's do it!

Subject: Afghani women - If you decide not to forward this, please
send it back to me. This is an actual petition, and "signatures" will
be lost if you drop the line. Please take a few minutes out of your
life to do your part for our sisters in Afghanistan. Be sure to
include other members of your household who are willing to sign.
Oprah recently had a show about this atrocity and it was

Petition to the United Nations Background Information: Madhu, the
government of Afghanistan, is waging a war upon women. Since the
Taliban took power in 1996, women have had to wear burqua and have
been beaten and stoned in public for not having the proper attire,
even if this means simply not having the mesh covering in front of
their eyes. One woman was beaten to death by an angry mob of
Fundamentalists for accidentally exposing her arm(!) while she was

Another was stoned to death for trying to leave the country with a
man that was not her relative. Women are not allowed to work or even
go out in public without a male relative; professional women such as
professors, translators, doctors, lawyers, artists and writers have
been forced from their jobs and restricted to their homes.

Homes where a woman is present must have their windows painted so
that she can never be seen by outsiders. They must wear silent shoes
so that they are never heard. Women live in fear of their lives for
the slightest misbehaviour. Because they cannot work, those without
male relatives or husbands are either starving to death or begging in
the street, even if they hold PhDs.

Depression is becoming so widespread that it has reached emergency
levels. There is no way in such an extreme Islamic society to know
the suicide rate with certainty, but relief workers are estimating
that the suicide rate among women must be extraordinarily high: those
who cannot find proper medication and treatment for severe depression
and would rather take their lives than live in such conditions.

At one of the rare hospitals for women, reporter found still, nearly
lifeless bodies lying motionless on top of beds, wrapped in their
burqua, unwilling to speak, eat, or do anything, but slowly waste
away. Others have gone mad and were seen crouched in corners,
perpetually rocking or crying, most of them in fear. It is at the
point where the term "human rights violations" has become an

Husbands have the power of life and death over their women relatives,
especially their wives, but an angry mob has just as much right to
stone or beat a woman, often to death, for exposing an inch of flesh
or offending them in the slightest way. Women enjoyed relative
freedom: to work, to dress generally as they wanted, and to drive and
appear in public alone until only 1996.

The rapidity of this transition is the main reason for the depression
and suicide; Women who were once educators or doctors or simply used
to basic human freedoms are now severely restricted and treated as
subhuman in the name of right-wing fundamentalist Islam. It is not
their tradition or 'culture', but it is alien to them, and it is
extreme even for those cultures where fundamentalism is the rule.
Everyone has a right to a tolerable human existence, even if they are
women in a Muslim country.

If we can threaten military force in Kosovo the name of human rights
for the sake of ethnic Albanians, citizens of the world can certainly
express peaceful outrage at the oppression, murder and injustice
committed against women by the Taliban.

STATEMENT: In signing this, we agree that the current treatment of
women in Afghanistan is completely UNACCEPTABLE and deserves action
by the United Nations and that the current situation overseas will
not be tolerated.

Women's Rights is not a small issue anywhere, and it is UNACCEPTABLE
for women in 2001 to be treated as subhuman and as so much property.
Equality and human decency is a fundamental RIGHT, not a freedom to
be granted, whether one lives in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

DIRECTIONS: PLEASE COPY this email on to a new message, sign the
bottom and forward it to everyone on your distribution lists. If you
receive this list with more than 300 names on it, please e-mail copy
of it to:

1) Giuliana D. Black, Daly City, CA, USA
2) Mariam Nayiny, Palo Alto, CA, USA
3) Sunaina Gulati-Ruh, Palo Alto, CA USA
4) Megan McCaslin, Palo Alto, CA USA
5) Blake Hallanan, San Francisco, Ca. USA
6) Kit Henderson, Sacramento, CA USA
7) Kara Myers, San Francisco, CA
8) Ellen Tilden, San Francisco, CA
9) Vanessa Ross, San Francisco, CA
10) Jenna Shaw- Battista, San Francisco, CA
11) Jeanne Racik, B!erkeley, CA
12) Julie Silas, Oakland, CA
13) Renee Longstreet, Tarzana, CA
14) Susan Johnson, Encino, CA
15) Kenneth Johnson, Encino, CA
16) Terri Treas, Los Angeles, CA
17) Amy Retzinger, North Hollywood, CA
18) Babette Crooms, Los Angeles, CA
19) Olivia Kienzel; Santa Barbara, CA
20) Sean Dexheimer, Los Angeles, CA
21) Elio Chavez, Jr., Pasadena, CA
22) Gregory Kastigar, Los Angeles, CA
23) Robert Collie, Los Angeles, CA
24) Jeff Garvin, Brea, CA
25) Tricia Allen, Shermn Oaks, CA
26) Joleen Nordstrom ~ Hollywood, CA
27) Theresa Donahoe - Martinez,CA
28) Jennifer Horn - Concord, CA
29) Roxanne Ryan - Alamo, CA
30) Miriam Tyler- San Jose CA
31) John Burns- San Jose CA
32) Kristin Lynn Minick- Fort Worth TX
33) Jeff Neal- Marietta, GA
34) Anna Neal- Marietta, GA
35) Frances Murley-Fort Worth, TX
36) David Murley-London, England, UK
37) Jillian Dykhouse, Colleyville, TX
38) Bonnie Dykhouse,Colleyville,TX
39) Nancy Williams, Colleyville, TX
40) Georgene Farr, Sterling Heights, MI
41) Joanne Arensberg, Riverview, MI
42) Luann Ouellette, Vermillion, SD
43) Sandie Sullivan, Vermillion, SD
44) Troy Nelson, Minneapolis, MN USA
45) Joseph Miller, Minneapolis, MN USA
46) Kathleen Miller, White Bear Lake, MN USA
47) Jerry Marquis, Mpls. Mn. USA
48) Julie Stokes, Coon Rapids, MN USA
49) Tracy Ford, Blaine, MN USA
50) Sheila Lawrence, Monticello, MN USA
51) Brenda Kitchen, Westlake Village, Calif!ornia,USA
52) Teresa Burke, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
53) Bruce Ehrlich, Sherman Oaks, CA USA
54) Yllania Francis, Los Angeles, CA USA
55) Drew Hedin, Los Angeles, CA USA
56) Laura Paridon, Laguna Woods, CA USA
57) Jeanie Hagedorn, Des Moines, IA USA
58) Sue Christensen, Des Moines, IA USA
59) Sybil Finken, Glenwood, IA USA
60) Luke Finken, Earth
61) Doug Gerace, Lincoln, NE USA
62) Cheryl Gerace, NE
63) Sheri Lew, CO
64) Raven Grace, Boulder, CO
65) Martha M.Mertz, EL, Michigan
66) Colleen R. Cooper, Okemos, Michigan
67) Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch, East Lansing, MI
68) Margaret A. Meyers, Okemos, Michigan
69) Mary Helen Espes, Okemos, Michigan
70) Maureen Kirchhoff, Allenspark, CO
71) Bart Johnson, Err, France
72) Sharon!O'Connor, Olympia, WA USA
73) Nancy Irving, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
74) Martha Lindley, Seattle, WA, USA
75) Judith Alexander, Woodinville, WA, USA
76) Arlene B. Hawkinson, Seattle, WA, USA
77) Christine E. Mobley, Bothell, WA, USA
78) Trudie Breen, CA, USA
79) Catherine Standiford, CA, USA
80) Beverly Truett, AZ, USA
81) Christine Meehan,AZ,USA
82) Janice Gilbert, Valley Center, CA, USA
83) Dawna Upchurch, Anchorage, AK USA
84) Roxanna Groves, Olympia, WA USA
85) Lynda Lynde, Helena, MT USA
86) Constance Gelu, University Place, WA USA
87) Jodi Woolett, Tacoma, WA USA
88) Lisa I. Reeves- Lynden, WA USA
89) Amanda James-Bow, WA USA
90) Kelli J. Smith, New Port Richey, FL USA
91) Chris Poirier, Largo, Fl USA
92) Mike Carpenter, Palmetto, Fl USA
93) Alice Pryor, Melbourne FL USA
94) Ellen Catano, Manchester NH USA
95) Bevely Jennings, Cincinnati OH USA
96) Linda Feely, Norwood,OH USA
97) Sherry Stidham, Norwood OH USA
98) Brittany Brown, Cincinnati OH USA
99) Sandy Brown, Cincinnati, Oh USA
100) Tim Brown, Cincinnati, OH USA
101) Pat Brown, Cincinnati, OH USA
102) Amy Cregger, Memphis, TN USA
103) Kay Emerick, Logan, OH USA
104) Trina Bookman, Logan, OH USA
105) X-Mozilla-Status: 0009uis, Mo USA
106) Jeannette Ward, Memphis, TN USA
107) Elisabeth Davis, Memphis, Tn USA
108) Rose Klimek, Memphis, TN USA
109) Barbara K. White, Hoquiam, WA, USA
110) Paula J. Eriksen, Palm Harbor, Florida USA
111) Rag!nar Eriksen, Palm Harbor, Florida USA
113) Barbara Stiner,Oldsmar,FL,USA
114) Jac'line Weisgerber,Clearwater,FL,USA
115) Charlotte Beadles, Douglasville, GA, USA
116) Jody Hoadley, Powder Springs, GA, USA
117) Hope Howard, Atlanta, GA, USA
118) Cliff Howard, Atlanta, GA, USA
119) Kay Chicoine, Atlanta, GA USA
120) Mark Chicoine, Atlanta, GA USA
121) Paula King, Lexington, KY,USA
122) Sally Weissman,Minneapolis,Mn,USA
123) Susan Abbott, New Brighton, MN USA
124) Rachel Fine, St. Louis Park, MN, USA
125) Deb Harley,Eden Prairie, MN,Usa
126) Barb Handahl,Faribault, MN,USA
127) Ann Olson,Chamberlain S.D.USA
128) Deb Hunt,Sioux Falls S.D.USA
129) Anne Frankman, Sioux Falls, SD USA
130) Susie Kostel, Tabor, SD USA
131) Julie Anderson, Mount Prospect, IL USA
132) Janet Tilden, Fremont, NE USA
133) Debbie Bowman, Kingston Springs, TN, USA
134) Shari Watkins, Franklin, TN, USA
135) Teresa Beck, Columbia, TN USA
136) Amy Stephens, Brentwood, TN, USA
137) Vicki Warren, Lyles, TN, USA
138) Linda Lupo, Westland, MI, USA
139) Cathie McClary, Clinton Twp. MI, USA
140) Diane Catellane, Clinton Twp. MI, USA
141) Judy Mellen, Clarkston, MI, USA
142) Donna Waite, Lake Orion, MI, USA
143) Ann Acton, South Lyon, MI, USA
145) Tami Hall, South Lyon, MI, USA
146) Wendy Belsley, South Lyon, MI, USA
147) Gretel Coombs, East Lansing, MI, USA
148) Mike Jones, Lansing, MI, USA
149) Jeff Jones, Atlanta, GA, USA
150) Marion Jones , Atlanta, GA , USA
151) Pat Scott, Enumclaw, WA, USA
152) Bob Panzer, Houston, TX, USA
153) Pat Panzer, Houston, TX, USA
154) Joe Schwartz, Jacksonville AL USA
155) Stefanie Walfield, Fayetteville, NC, USA
156) Liz Dunkley, Milledgeville, GA, USA
157) Christine Dunkley, Milledgeville, GA, USA
156) Mike Dunkley, Milledgeville, GA, USA
157) Randy Parsons, Eatonton, Ga.
158) Bonita Platner, Kirkwood, NY. USA
159) Ralph Platner, Kirkwood, NY. USA
160) Charles Lundquist, Binghamton, N.Y. U.S.A.
161) Tracy Rowe, Hollywood, CA USA
162) Daniel Raphael New York, New York USA
163) Ann Brameier, New York, NY USA
164) Kazuko Tao, Healdsburg, Ca USA
165) Shelley Zavat, Rio Nido, Ca. USA
166) Kendall Smith, Fort Bragg, Ca USA
167) Candi Zizek, Sacramento, California USA
168) Annette Blackwood, West Hartford, CT USA
169) Frank Sentner, West Hartford, CT USA
170) Ann Steadman, Roanoke, VA USA
171) George Steadman, Roanoke, VA USA
172) Elizabeth Byam,Washington, DC USA
173) Mary Dougal,Montclair, NJ USA
174) Kathleen Ennen, Champaign, Il. USA
175) Patricia S. Berky, Baltimore, Md. USA
176) Wahiba Abu-Ras, Old Bridge, NJ. USA
177) Magdi Awad, Old Bridge, NJ USA
178) Melissa Joralemon, NY USA
179) Vida Cofie-Robertson, NJ USA
180) Sema Gurun, NY, USA
181) Sahika Yildirim, UB, Mongolia
182) Ayse Taylan, Istanbul, Turkiye
183) Kemal Gencay, Istanbul, Turkiye
184) Vehbi Gencay, Ankara, Turkiye
185) N. Suzan Kincal, Ankara, T?rkiye
186) Handan Tezel, Ottawa, Canada
187) Ayse Senatalar, Istanbul, Turkiye
188) Zeynep Ilsen Onsan, Istanbul, Turkiye
189) Jak Kornfilt,Istanbul, Turkiye
190) Ilona Kornfilt,Istanbul,Turkiye
191) Anna Droste
192) Ersin Takla,Istanbul, Turkey
193) R. Oguz Bozkurt, Istanbul, Turkey
194) Sevda Bozkurt, Istanbul, Turkey
195) Liliana Saban, Strasbourg France
196) Yael Albukrek, London, UK
197) Fabiana Di Porto, Rome, Italy
198) Micaela Pavoncello, Rome Italy
199) Marnie Silver, Toronto, ON, Canada
200) Mike Wilner, Toronto, ON, Cana
201) Judy Shabtai, Toronto,ON, Canada
202) Suzanne McColl, Torontom ON, Canada
203) John Trigiani, Toronto , Ontario, CANADA
204) Jon Gillette, Bognor, Ontario, Canada
205) Helen Kay. Bognor, Ontario, Canada
206) Elizabeth Huyer, Owen Sound, Canada
207) Nikki Huyer, Helsingor, Denmark
208) Lynn Chambers, Toronto, Canada
209) Laura Allen, Toronto, Canada
210) Shirley Hilton, Ingersoll, Canada
211) Rosina Brown, Caledon East, ON Canada
212) Judi MacDonald, Markham, Ontario, Canada
213) Nancy Drewry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
214) Susan Bartlett, Toronto, Ontario Canada
215) Anja Sagan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
216) Sharon Slater, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
217) Mona Adams, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
218) Paul Adams, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
219) Ruth E. Voetberg, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
220) Jeffrey F. Searle, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
221) Kelly L. Robinson, Dayton, OH, USA
222) Vernon G. Haas, Stewartstown, PA, USA
223) Connie L. Haas, Stewartstown, PA, USA
224) Bassem Youssef, Vienna, VA, USA
225) Leila Youssef, Vienna, VA, USA
226) Peggy D. Hart, Stafford, VA, USA
227) Pat Peebles, Alexandria, VA, USA
228) Olivia White, Dallas, TX, USA
229) Elizabeth Nash, Nottingham, UK
230) Debra Chauhan, Leicester, UK
231) Alison Termie, Leicester, UK
232) Lindsay Termie, Leicester, UK
233) Andy Haynes, Leicester UK
234) Ian Leaver, Leicester, UK
235) Richard Leaver, Sydney, AUS
236) Liz Duckett, London, UK
237) Lise Colyer, London, UK
238) Rebecca Oatley, London, UK
239) Fiona Robertson, London,UK
240) Colin Powell, London, UK
241) Alastair Orr Ewing, Hanoi, Vietnam
242) D. Baron, Seattle, Washington
243) G. P. Cohen, Sunland, California, USA
244) Craig Schiller, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA
245) Linda Henry, Guatemala, Central America
246) Lori Legator, Galveston, TX, USA
247) Kathleen Bourke, Austin, TX, USA
248) Milton Lower, Austin, TX, USA
249) Carolyn Davidson, Austin, TX, USA
250) Anne Palmer, Austin, TX, USA
251) Leighton Hodges, Ph. D. , Austin Tx, USA
252) Deborah Goldstein, Austin, TX, USA
253) Cindy Symington, Austin, TX, USA
254) Nicholas Symington, Austin, TX, USA
255) Susan Kolliopoulos, Austin, TX, USA
256) Gerald McClanahan, Austin, TX, USA
257) Debora A. Yager, Austin TX USA
258) Steve Hopkins, Austin, TX USA
259) Pam Kenner, Spring, TX USA
260) Sherrie L. Gomez , Austin, Tx USA
261) Aaron W. Gomez Austin, Tx USA
262) David Reed Palm Springs, Ca.
263) Robert Rock Palm Springs, Ca.
264) Barbara McClure Palm Springs, CA, USA
265) Mary Borders Rancho Mirage, Ca
266) Harliegh Stevens Palm Springs, CA
267) James R Hughes, MD Hilton Head, SC USA
268) William H Saxon, Hilton Head, SC USA
269) Paul A. Merriman, Seattle, WA USA
270) Patrick Merriman, ABR Port Townsend, WA USA
271) Janet Perka, Port Townsend, Wa. USA
272) Jean Wells, Carmel, CA USA
273) Terri Weigand-Kirby, Pacific Grove, California, USA
274) Walt Beam, Monterey, CA, USA
276) Nancy Kavanaugh, Santa Cruz, Ca, USA
277) Kathy Davis, Santa Cruz, CA. USA
278) Kathryn Steel, LaSelva Beach, CA USA
279) Denise Weber, Santa Cruz, CA. USA
280) Roy Tam, Sherborne, Dorset, UK
281) Bruce Duncan, Salisbury, Wilts, UK
282) Peter Jarvis, Surrey, UK
283) Josie Gregory, Surrey, UK
284) Thom Dennis, Middlesex, UK
285) Charlotte B. Milliner, Santa Cruz, California, USA
286) Claudia Powell, Coal City, Il. USA
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