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RE: am I a terrible teacher?


From: Berg, Renee (Renee.Berg_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Oct 20 2001 - 17:04:13 PDT

Nancy, I've had combined classes before too but not at the high school
level. I also teach in a block format. I video tape the lesson for both
levels and have them review it if they need. I had a t.v. and VCR in class
off in the corner. I also have power points that the kids can go back and
pull up to review. On long projects, I found that having progress grades
every week helps also. On their rubric it tells them how far they have to be
by each date, therefore no one is rushing at the end. If they are behind on
any progress date, I call home. Hope this helps, chow, hope you got to have
a relaxing week-end. Remember, you do touch lives.

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From: nancy kizis []
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 6:22 PM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: re: am i a terrible teacher?

to anyone who has experienced this,
i have a combined art 2 - 4 class. they have just finished a large self
portrait that took about 9 weeks from initial intro to turn in date (we are
on the block schedule). that may be the problem right there. anyway, come
due date everyone is in shock and whining and making excuses for why their
work isn't done.
i have circulated the room re-teaching media techniques the entire time.
some days i would stay on their butts to quit talking and get to work. i'm
not a yeller just real matter of fact that you have x number of days left
and i see you talking. is there something you are stuck on that i could help
out of 25 kids, 3 had original ideas on their preliminary sketches. all the
rest were cliched. no one came after school for help the entire time.i
constantly offer it. 2 students worked during the day extra time on theirs.
the last weekend before due day everyone was panicked, checked out supplies,
took them home. on due day, 4 kids didn't remember to even bring the project
back, turned in late (-10 pts per day) unfinished. the majority of the class
is angry that they didn't have enough time!
am i a terrible teacher? am i expecting too much. 90% of what got turned in
is poorly done in all regards. is there anyway to salvage this without
having to fail 20 of 25 kids? our school doesn't like for people to fail.
i'm panicked.
please help if you can,
nancy kizis