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Re: floppys


Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 21:45:57 PDT

My dad used to run a slide duplicating business. We always had boxes of old
mounts, film cannisters, film tins and outdated film laying around. When I
started teaching hs photography I put the stuff to use.

Each person would get 10 slide mounts, along with a small sheet of overhead
transparency material. They cut the transparency up into 10 pieces, each the
size of 1 film frame. Then they'd slide it into the mount and manipulate it
using greasepencils, markers, xacto, or 'whatever' to produce an image. The
design challenge was to create a completely abstract miniature work that was
a piece of art by itself... but would take on a different form as a projected
image on a giant screen.

Anything with words, symbols, logos wouldn't be included in the 'show'. If it
met this criteria, it would be dropped into the slide tray of a projector
that was set to automatically change every 10 seconds. The show ran
continuously while the students created new images. Every little while
there'd be a breakthrough.... someone would do something wild, like grind the
transparency into the floor with their shoe to scratch it, then apply a
little color marker so it would soak into the scratches. The slide looked
amazing when projected on the big screen.... almost completely different than
you would guess.... then a lot of people would want to know what that person
did to achieve the effect, and they would try to replicate.

Kind of a microcosm of the art world when you think about it. One person
finds a new way of seeing and innovates a new idea... then alot of other
people come along and replicate it or take the idea off into a new direction.

Geoff Black

In a message dated 10/15/01 4:54:24 PM, writes:

>Hi All you creative and knowledgeable people,
>Anybody have any cool ideas about what to do with a ton of slide mounts?
>Have a bundle, some with slides in, some without. Have already thought
>of collage, modules,center of interest, jewelry. Am looking for some
>other ideas I haven't done.
>Also have lots of old fashioned floppys--the big ones- and old floppy
>3x3's. What interesting things could I do with them?