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Peace Intention prayer Flags


From: Trish Gorman (TrishGorman_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 20:03:32 PDT

I got this from my bro-in-law. I thought it would make a great project with my 8th grade class, the whole school in fact. Can't you picture prayer flags streaming off the school roof to the ground below? Or down hall ways? Around classrooms?

Forwarded by Ish Kundwalla:
Peace Intention Prayer Flags
>Dear Friends,
>A lot of people have been wondering what we can do to show our concern as
>world citizens, and to express our hopes for peace and for healing on a
>planetary level.

>In Tibet, prayer flags printed with mantras, prayers, and images of deities
>are believed to offer "prayer unceasing" to the heavens as they fly in the
>breeze. Strings of these brightly colored flags, in the colors of the five
>elements, grace temples, homes, trees, the tops of mountain passes, and
>other sacred places.

>Prayer flags represent an intention, a hope for freedom, peace, and
>enlightenment in this life and the lives beyond. We too can create our own
>"prayer flags" expressing our intention of creating peace and healing for
>the planet and all its inhabitants.

>Traditionally, Tibetan prayer flags are made by a blockprinting process
>utilizing carefully carved woodblocks. But you can make your Peace
>Intention Prayer Flags anyway you want. You could carve into linoleum or cardboard,
>applique your designs, or simply use fabric paint to write the words and
>draw the symbols that mean peace to you personally.

>One friend has already made a flag. She found square yard fabric panels
>showing the whole planet on it and had a friend bind the panel with plain
>fabric on the other side so she can sew on the symbols she chooses, and
>write the healing words that feel right to her.

>You can make strings of prayer flags like the Tibetans do. You could use
>rainbow colors, the five element colors the Tibetans use, or the four
>sacred colors of the Four Directions that many Native Americans use, depending on
>your spiritual tradition of choice.

>The possibilities are as infinite as your creativity. When you make your
>flags, put prayers and good thoughts into them. Make them with love and
>If you do Reiki or any other form of energy healing, put healing energy
>into them. Work with your children and grandchildren and other loved ones. Make
>it a family project. Take it into your schools, places of worship, and
>community centers.
>Really think about the intentions you want to put out into the universe, and
>the right words and symbols will come to you. Maybe some common symbol will
>emerge in time, but for now express your personal creativity and deepest
>heartfelt wishes for our planet.
>I find it hard to believe that 90% of the American people support the use
>of military force against Afghanistan, a country already destroyed by 22 years
>of war. A million Afghans were lost fighting the Soviets. There are 10
>million landmines in the country. The biggest industry is the making of
>prosthetic limbs. Some 7.5 million people face imminent starvation this
>winter because of the worst drought in history, and that's even without a
>war. I know and love this country well, due to my years of covering war
>there as a journalist. Having seen war firsthand, I am reluctant to support it,
>and pray fervently that some other solution, preferably non-violent, can be
>found to bring to justice terrorists and others who preach intolerance.

>I believe in the power of prayer to alter the future of humanity. When you
>look out and see your Peace Intention Prayer Flags flying in the breeze
>outside your home, your workplace, your place of worship, you will be
>reminded to pray without ceasing for peace and justice in our world.

>I hope that you'll like this idea enough to make your own flags, and also
>to e-mail everyone on your list. This idea can easily reach thousands, even
>millions, within a few weeks. And that is how consciousness changes.
>Love, Light, and Hope for Peace,
>Debra Denker


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