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Re: origami/Peace Crane (long)


Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 17:43:19 PDT

We currently have nearly 800 cranes folded and hanging in our art room, soon
to be transported to our dining hall where we'll display them.

To learn more about what we're doing, you can visit this page:

The best way to learn to fold them is to sit BESIDE someone who knows how.
For the origamically-challenged, I relate--it took me ALL DAY to learn how
to do this. Now, with the repetition of steps, it's pretty "easy" (as most
things are once you know how....)

One of the best instructional sites (if you don't have a knowledgeable kid
handy) is this one:

Step 6 in this tutorial is more confusing than it really is....

I explain it this way (at least at the start) using a square sheet of paper:
Triangle, triangle, rectangle, rectangle.

Return to a triangle with the open point towards you.

You'll see a crease in the center of the paper. Lifting the "top" sheet of
the right side, reverse the direction of that crease by bringing the top
sheet towards the left. Keep pushing down until it folds down onto itself.

Flip over and you'll see another crease to reverse, push down until it folds
upon itself.

From steps 7 on, it's PRETTY clear, but not really. One of my students
figured it out just by reading the directions from this site. I consider
him a genius :-)

As a side note, the paper I used was copier paper--white as well as assorted
colors. Since that is 8-1/2 x 11 in size, I used the paper cutter to make
8-1/2 squares. Right now I'm having my middlers tear up the sections that I
cut off and we're using it to make paper. Hence, no waste.

The cranes are being strung on nylon fishing line, 10 per string. At
someone's suggestion on the list (sorry, can't remember who right now!!) we
took white drinking straws, cut into about 4 pieces, and slid those onto the
strings inbetween each crane to help separate them.

When we hang the cranes in the dining hall, I'll probably tie 2 strings

The small cranes will circle around one large, central crane. We also have
10 midsize ones. I'd hoped to have the exhibit hung by October 11, but I
think we'll be off by a few days.

Anyhow I hope this helps re: some of the how-to's.... When I'm teaching
someone how to do this (had 2 PARENTS ask me to show them during their
conference with me on Saturday!) I use a whole lot of other terms that make
it easier to understand the steps. (i.e. we talk about making ice cream
cones, opening the "frog's" mouth and turning it into a "boat," bringing the
fox's nose up to his ears, etc.) It helps them remember.

Hope this helps.