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Re: craft knife use


Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 19:26:16 PDT

Ok guys,
Here's the story of a veteran with the 1st time ever story:
My system for exacto knives has been never fail till this year.
I made a small wooden platformed box with holes drilled in it to
accomodate as many knives as Kids in class---usually 24-30.
All the knives are numbered and the slots they fit in are numbered
corespondingly. These numbers also correspond to the number of that
student in my grade book. Sooo--- # 3 belongs to Janie who is #3 in
grade book. It doesn't matter which hour uses them. All kids have an
assigned # and can only use that # knife. At the end of the cleanup time
I check the knives and no one may leave if all are not in their slots. I
will not write passes either so kids usually are very good about making
sure all are in their proper slot.
Last week was the test. It was the last period of the day and the
dismissal bell rang---1 knife missing. Told the kids to search while
standing in front of the closed door. They got downright surly but did a
hap hazard search. I finally called security and they called the Vp. He
made them search again then dismissed the troops except for the kid
whose name was on the checkout for the knife. Made him empty his
pockets, then let him go too. Looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.
I figured at least the dismissal was his decision.
After all were gone I found the knife stuffed between 2 storage boxes.
Some chicken**** was afraid to turn it in after holding up the whole
class after school. So now they have to check it out from ME PERSOMALLY
and return it to ME! I also make them write down their names and the #
of the knife. Takes time and is a real pain, but in this day and age I
can't be too careful. Not dealing with the cream of the gene pool (HS).
Never had a kid cut themselves in 28 years of teaching. Really stress
keeping fingers out of the way and double or tripple passes to cut
things. I never let kids check out tools. They disappear. They may come
down any evening after school to work under my supervision. Of course
there may be classical music and CHOCOLATE! That usually gets em!


> Hope someone out there has a good solution to this.