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Re: Viet Nam Memorial- need sites


From: Robert Alexander Fromme (rfromme_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 20:36:46 PST

Here are some links for you, Judy.

If others on the list want to view this in a browser and have only the useof
a text based mail client, you will need to save it as a text file. Then,
you will need to rename the file with an .htm extension. Next you can
bring it up in a browser. Hope it helps....please don't get too depressed
about some of it. Remember the men and women who seved, especially those who
lost their lives or were critically wounded, yet you should also remember
that "Life goes on".

Pray that our leaders never make the same mistakes.

At 12:51 PM 10/31/00 -0500, wrote:
>If anyone has found some very good information (sites) on the Viet
>Nam Memorial, Viet Nam War. . I am
>making a Web page for my husband tonight on these topics.
>No need to reply after this evening (Tuesday 10/31).
>Judy Decker
<head><title>Vietnam War - Links by Bob Fromme </title></head>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">
<p><font size="3">You asked for links on <font face="Times New Roman">Maya Ying
Lin, The </font>Vietnam Memorial and the American involvement in the War&nbsp;
<p><font size="3">I suggest you start at </font><a
which is the virtual location of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the people
who were behind the idea which eventually became &quot;The Wall.&quot;&nbsp; In
that site, with some surfing around, one will find quotes by Maya Lin, designs
of the structure and text which was included as part of her original entry in
the competition.&nbsp; The Fund also has extensice resources for teachers and if
you work with students in high school, they will send you a box of resources,
including a video, maps, chronology, history, teachers guide and posters. The
resource also include two books by Jan Scruggs which are compilations of letters
and speeches, quotes and related text by assorted and varied Americans. Check
the site in order to discover how to send for a set for your school.</p>
<p>You may also be interested in reading Jan's earlier book &quot;To Heal a
Nation,&quot; which deals with his original idea for the wall and the political
and social struggle which they endured in the effort to have the wall
constructed. You will also learn a bit about Maya Lin and the competition which
she won for the design of the Memorial. As a side note, if you read this book,
you will notice early mention of a&nbsp; &quot;flash back' involving an
explosion while unloading ordinance and later, in a section called Jimmy
Mosconis, you will see mention of &quot;the day Claude was killed&quot;.&nbsp; I
mention these because Jan Scruggs was a soldier in our mortar platoon and Jimmy
Mosconis was his platoon Sgt.. Sgt. Claude VanAndle was one of the squad leaders
in my platoon and he was killed, along with a fellow named David Kenney on May
27, 1969.&nbsp; I have a picture of our platoon with VanAndle and Kenney and the
rest of us located at: <a
in a site dedicated to the men in my unit.&nbsp; You may be interested in
viewing some of the photos and reading a few of the accounts linked from that
page. <b><i><strong><em><font size="2"><a
the death of Staff Sergeant Andujar</a></font></em></strong></i></b>&nbsp;
and&nbsp; <font size="2"><em><strong><i><b><a
Field Hospital</a></b></i></strong></em></font>&nbsp; <a
are Delta Company, 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam. If you click on
the photo of our platoon which is located at: <a
, you will get a B/W copy with some of the names of the men.&nbsp; Kenny,
VanAndel, Johnson, Reasons were all killed within the four months which
followed.&nbsp; Lt. Joannides, Fink, Belmont, Markham, Fromme (self) and others
would be wounded by the time our tours were ended. Most of us were draftees.
Several of the man from that group have spent a major portion of their lives in
wheel chairs. One is missing his lower jaw, one man lost a portion of his skull
and is missing an eye.&nbsp; One of the men is now a Priest.&nbsp; One is in the
construction business.&nbsp; Two of the men work for the railroad. One is an art
teacher (guess who?).&nbsp; Many choose not to talk much about their tour.&nbsp;
All of us carry emotional scars.&nbsp; If you look at the photo at <a
taken four months later, you will get an idea of how few men were left in the
platoon after four months.&nbsp;<br>
<p>Here are some links which may help. Try <font size="3">The Vietnam
Veteran's Memorial Wall Page-
<a href="">> or for
combat art, look to<a
href=""> </a></font><a
href="">U.S. Army Vietnam
combat art</a> <i>(Jim Pollock)
at <a
Also try the </i>
<a href=""><font size="3">VIETNAM VETERANS HOME
PAGE</font></a><font size="3">&nbsp;
at and
the </font><a href="">Center for
the Study of the Vietnam Conflict</a> <i>(Texas Tech University)
Also try the </i>
<a href="">Vietnam War
Internet Project Vietnam Resources on the Web Author Index</a>
- or look for a few <a
href="">Vietnam War
- or if you want to do some
reserch, try<a
href="">Vietnam War Research
- or try <font size="3"><a
<a href="">> or</font>
<a href="">Remembrance</a>
<font size="3">Reflections, Memories, and Images of Vietnam Past at <a
<p>Try also, <a
Saigon party&quot; and other Vietnam War short stories</a> <i>(Diana&nbsp;
Dell) <a
or the resources at</i> <a
<i>(Cowles Enthusiast Media, History
<p>Also check out the <a href="../per/pera.html">E-journals War, Peace
&amp; Security&nbsp;</a>
at <a
<p>There are also some listservs which may be a source of contact with
historians and old soldiers.</p>
<i>Description: </i>Newsgroup. Discussion of all aspects of the Vietnam
<i>Newsgroup: </i>alt.war.vietnam
<!--www not at ohio-state-->
<!--ftp not at rtfm-->
<i>Description: </i>Newsgroup. The Vietnam War. Moderated.<br>
<i>Newsgroup: </i><a
<i>Archives/FAQs: </i><a
<i>Description: </i>Mailing list. VWAR-L is the networking component of the
Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project and was established to
facilitate communication among scholars, students, teachers and veterans of
the Vietnam War.<br>
<i>List address: </i><br>
<i>Subscription address: </i><a
<p>You may want to try out the <a
/Sixties_Term_Gloss_A_C.html" target="NEW">Glossary
of Viet Nam War Military Terminology &amp; Slang</a>&nbsp; - <a
or <a
in Hue During Tet</a> - <a
tm" target="NEW">Fourteen
Days at Nhi Ha</a> - <a
<a href=""
<a href="" target="NEW">Vietnam</a>
- <a
or <a href="" target="NEW">The Vietnam
Pictures Archive at SunSite&nbsp;</a> - <a
&nbsp;If you want Bibliographies try:<a
href="">Bibliography of
the Vietnam War</a> <i>(Edwin E. Moise, Clemson University)</i>
<p>Indexes, <a
ocialist Republic of Vietnam: history</a> <i> (WWW Virtual Library)
<a href="">Vietnam War
Internet Project</a> <i>(John Tegtmeier, soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ),
>Vietnam War</a><i> (Yahoo) </i>
<p>For othe Information and archives, try out :<a
href="">30-year anniversary:
Tonkin Gulf lie launched Vietnam War</a> <i>(Jeff Cohen/Norman Solomon),
adians in Vietnam</a> <i>(Richard Shand)</i>,
<a href="">Investigating
the Vietnam War</a> <i>(Spartacus Educational),</i><a
href="">Kennedy, Johnson and the
Vietnam War</a> <i>(William M. Brinton, An Abridged History of the United
<a href="">Medal of Honor: Vietnam
War</a> <i>(Neil Mishalov),
</i><a href="">Resources on the Vietnam
Conflict</a> <i>(Texas Tech University),</i>
<a href="">Vietnam and President
Johnson</a> <i>(William M. Brinton, An Abridged History of the United
<a href="">Vietnam: yesterday and today</a>
<i>(Sandra M. Wittman),
">Vietnam War</a> <i>(Historical Text Archives, Mississippi State
<a href="">War of Vietnam</a>
<i>(Nguyen Vu),
<a href="">A-1 Skyraider combat journal</a>
<i>(Byron Hukee),
<a href="">All weather attack [A6
<a href="">Ravens: Forward Air Controllers [FACs]</a>
, <a href="">Battle of
Long Tan</a> <i>(Ern Marshall),
and <a href="">Operation
Ranch Hand: herbicides in Southeast Asia, 1961-1971</a> <i>(William A.
<p>Maps can be found at <a
href="">Links to Vietnam
War maps</a> <i>(Indiana State University, Dept. of Geography)</i>
<p>Photographic archives are locatedat <a
href="">Military memories</a> <i>(Northstar Exotics),
<a href="">Vietnam death trip: a
personal photo journal of a Vietnam veteran</a>,
<a href="">Vietnam
graphics</a> <i>(soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ),&nbsp;
</i><a href="">Vietnam interactive
portfolio</a> <i> (E. Kenneth Hoffman),
<a href="">Vietnam memories</a> <i>
(Neal Ulevich),
ictures/">Vietnam pictures</a> <i> (Marshall University) - ftp&nbsp;
and&nbsp; </i><a href="">Vietnam pictures
archive</a> <i> (SunSite).</i>
<p>Speeches and accounts are at the following links.</p>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans Oral History
and Folklore Project: bibliography</a> <i> (Lydia Fish)</i>
<p><a href=""
Nixon Speech on the End of the Vietnam War</a>&nbsp;</p>
<p>I99th LIB 
by Tom Hays</p>
<p>Bob Buick
<a href="">Cannon fodder: growing up
for Vietnam</a> <i>(Phill Coleman)</i>
<p><a href="">Images of my
war</a><i> (Ulf R. Heller) </i>
<p><a href="">Lt. Michael Bruce
<p><a href="">Memories of the fall of
Saigon</a><i> (San Jose Mercury News)</i>
<p><a href="">Military
page</a> <i>(Chuck Stewart)</i>
<p>My tour <i>(Ray Smith)</i>
<p>Nam tales <i>(Dave
tnam memoirs</a> <i> (Richard Shand)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam
remembered</a> <i>(A. Austin)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam: stories since the
War</a> <i>(PBS Online)</i>
<p>Wells P. Martin
<p><a href="">1LT John Curtis
Stringer II, MIA, Southeast Asia</a> <i>(Michael W. Ragsdale)</i>
<p><a href="">Bring home PFC D.R.
Carter</a> <i>(Steve Owens)</i>
<p><a href="">Captifs du Viet Minh : les
victimes de Boudarel parlent</a>

<p><font size="3">Prisoner of war information&nbsp; links are at, <a
href="">MIA facts</a> <i>(Joe
<a href="">Operation Homecoming</a>,
<a href="">POW</a>
</font> <i><font size="3">(Ted Guy),</font> </i>
<font size="3"><a href="">Three's
in: Vietnam POWs</a>,
<a href="">Vietnam era POW/MIA
database</a><i> (Library of Congress), </i>
<a href="">POW/MIA forum</a>, <a
href="">POW Network</a>
<p><font size="3">Protests info is at <a
href="">May 4,
1970</a> <i>(Kent State University, Dept. of Special Collections and
<p><a href="">U.S. Army Vietnam Veterans
Associations/Organizations</a> <i> (Dennis Koho)</i>
<p>Information and archives
<p><a href="">71st Assault
Helicopter Company, Co. A, 501st Battalion</a> <i> (Charley Sparks)</i>
<p>335th Assault Helicopter Company
<i>(Jack Hunnicutt)</i>
<p><a href="">619th Tactical
Control Squadron veterans</a> <i>(Jim Hale)</i>
<p><a href="">Angry skipper [D/2-8
and 1st Air Cav]</a> <i>(Mike McGhie)</i>
<p><a href="">Fire Base
Dallas: Vietnam veterans</a> <i>(Gunny Williams)</i>
<p>Khe Sanh veterans
<p><a href="">Helicopter Combat Support
Squadron Seven</a>
<p><a href="">Odie's veterans
page</a> <i>(Owen F. Devlin)</i>
<p><a href="">&quot;Screaming
Eagles&quot; [101st Airborne Division]</a> <i>(Troy Bell)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Dog Handlers
<p><a href="">Vietnam
remembered</a> <i>(Veterans Support and Advocacy Service Australia)</i>
<p>Vietnam veterans<i> (Bill
McBride) </i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans casualty
database search [CACCF]</a> <i>(Serious Software Solutions)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam veterans
&quot;empty chairs&quot;</a> <i>(Anne Faulkner)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam veterans of the 1st
Battalion, 69th Armor</a> <i>(Ray Smith)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietvets
&quot;down-under&quot;</a> <i>(Steve Quigley)</i>
<p>Organizations and programs
<p><a href="">12th Tactical Fighter
Wing Assoication</a>
<p><a href="">Agent Orange Victims and
Families in Touch</a>
<p><a href="">Association of
Former Vietnamese Navy Officers [Alumni of Naval Officer Candidate School,
Newport, Rhode Island]</a>
<p><a href="">Australian Veterans
Vietnam Reconstruction Group</a>
<p><a href="">Australian Vietnam War Veterans
<p>Blue Max Association <i>
(Russ Warriner)</i>
<p><a href="">Cosmic Baseball
Association: Khe Sanh Commanders</a>
<p><a href="">HMM-262/Vietnam
rican Veterans Project</a>
<p><a href="">Society of the 173D
Airborne Brigade (SEP)</a>
<p><a href="">Sons and Daughters
In Touch, Southern California Chapter</a>
<p><a href="">Sunraysia Vietnam
Veterans Association</a>
<p><a href="">USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Pilots and
Aircrew Reunion</a>
<p>Veterans of the Vietnam War
<p><a href="">Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew
<p>Vietnam Veterans of America
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans of America,
Chapter 020</a> <i>(Rochester, N.Y.)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans of America,
Chapter 317, &quot;Heart of America &quot;</a> <i>(Kansas City, MO)</i>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans of America, Colorado
State Council</a>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans of America,
Georgia State Council</a>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans of
America, New York State</a>
<p><a href="">Vietnam Veterans of
America, Washington State Council</a>
<p>Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation

Robert Fromme <>