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Re: DBAE,why is it off the getty page?


Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 02:46:22 PDT

Something most of us are that DBAE really pulled together
what art educators do just gave it form, a way to justify and
explain it to non-arts educator/administator types. There is no one way to
do DBAE (those who say it is too this or too that do not seem to have a
grasp on it and need a formula anyway!) Why do we need to know the next "big

Of course keeping current with art/education trends as a whole are extremely
important..but as art educators, extremely intelligent and creative, problem
solving folks, do we need someone to come along and tell us what the next
"big thing" is? What I like (having researched the beginning, middle and
end) of Getty's involvement with DBAE (they essentially shut off all new
stuff about a year ago when Mrs. Duke announced her retirement) is that it
was not a never was. IF you go back to the original literature,
there was never a prescribed way to implement DBAE, it was more a simple
break down of what we know to be a very subject subject (ART!). A defining
process more than a prescriptive one.

Yes...what DBAE and the Getty behind the philosophy did for Art (now ARTS)
education has put it in the forefront. It is now back in our hands (minus
this support) to show how important our programs our to education as a whole.
It is sort of like becoming a grown-up! Getty put us through
we have to prove ourselves....just like in life....we are constantly proving
ourselves. I mean imagine how lucky art education was to have a privately
funded group step up to the plate and say we are investing all these time,
money and resourses in your belief that art education is relevant and
basically starting and continuing a 15 year advertisiting campaign for art

Now many states have adopted state standards for art education. New York has
piloted a state test for visual arts, CT is also working on a state test for
visual arts and music. Although not a fan of state test...we all know what
gets attention...TEST SCORES! If our programs are tested....they cannot be
cut! It is not ideal...but at least is it not where we were 30 years ago!

So...that is my Saturday morning pep talk....<g> Such that it is. Don't
wait for the next big thing...think globally, read everything, and be curious
about it all. This is the best way you can keep up and do the most for your

As an aside...I just designed a unit for Talented and Gifted math based on
Harry Potter at the teacher's request. If we reach out there...people will
start coming to us..not just for centerpieces...but for the "important" stuff!