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Bookish Stuff


From: L. P. Skeen (lpskeen_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 18:29:30 PDT

> boy oh boy, am I interested in all the bookish stuff that you
> learned...can i hope that you will post some of it?
> Charlotte

Well, I can try to describe it, but you'd be better off having someone show
The first one was Book in a Box, taught by Robin Lea. Look around and find
a book about making popups.

First, you need extra heavy watercolor paper and bottles of fabric dye
(createx). Set up a "spray booth" and spray each side of the paper with at
least 2 colors. Use template to trace the box shape on paper and cut out,
but keep
your scraps for making popups. Decorate some with gel pens, then fold box
and put together.

For the book part, use 4" wide strips of the same watercolor paper sprayed
the same or different. Fold accordion style in 4" square segments. Make
cutouts on either the top edge or the bottom edge (not both, and not on the
folds either), then make popups in the valley parts. The book folds up and
goes inside the box.

Next was Bookbinding and I can't remember the teacher's name. :( Wanda

First paint or otherwise decorate a 12x18" sheet of paper with something
that won't rub off, such as ink or acrylic paint, NOT tempera or watercolor.
Set aside. Cut 2 pieces of matboard about 6.5x9.5" and one strip about
9.5x1/2". Set aside.

Next, make 10 sets of 5 sheets of standard copy paper. Fold each set of 5
in half and sew together with needle and thread at the fold. This makes one
signature. You will have 10 signatures in your book.

Next, take all signatures and stack them together, with spines up. Clamp
these close to the spines, between 2 rulers tied with rubberbands. Use a
blob of Elmer's glue and fill in all the nooks and crannies along the
spines. Place thin piece of matboard over spines and secure with masking
tape in center and at either end. Set aside to dry.

Cut the 12x18" paper in half so you have 2pcs 9x12. Paint the entire back
side of both sheets with VERY THIN rubber cement. Set aside to dry.

Paint one side of each matboard piece with VERY THIN rubber cement. Set
aside to dry.

Center matboard on 9x12" paper, rubber cement sides together. On the long
sides, make a cut from the edge of the paper in towards the matboard, at the
4 corners of the matboard. On the short sides of the paper, make a cut that
angles from the corner of the matboard towards the center of the paper. The
shape you make will look like an envelope flap. Paint the matboard with
thin rubber cement. When dry, fold flaps in, long sides first, then short
sides. This makes a nice mitered look.

Remove rulers from signatures.

Get a 12" piece of bookbinding tape in a color that compliments your paper.
Also get a friend to help. About 3" down from the short edge, center the
spine of the signatures on the tape and press firmly. Have friend hold
pages while you place covers 1/8" from the spine, even at top and bottom.
Press firmly.

Make 3 cuts in the 3" flaps of book tape. First two are long cuts from the
edge of tape to each corner of the spine matboard. You will have 3 flaps of
tape. Cut the center flap until there's just enough left to cover the spine
board. Turn bookbinding tape down over spine and covers.

Get 2 pieces of construction paper to compliment the cover paper. Rubber
cement this paper over the inside cover and first page on each side of the

Ta-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! One book for you.