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Creativity Lesson-Do I love this idea!


Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 17:33:40 PDT

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<< I copied the following off the NYState site that (i believe it was Susan?)
mentioned. I expanded it by defining each term. I am going to use it with
my middle schoolers in the following way:
We will be doing a non-objective sculpture that will require a little bit of
work and a lot of drying time each day. During the drying time, each
student will be required to draw their sculpture and combine with one of the
following methods of creativity. I made a handout with the definitions and
a small drawing illustrating each.

Ways to Modify Images or Objects
1. Use closure-to close, shut, go around something
2. Multiply-to cause to increase in number, amount, extent, or degree
3. Superimpose-to put, lay or stack on top of something else
4. Transpose-to change the usual order or normal position; to interchange
5. Expand or shrink-to make a great deal larger or a great deal smaller
6. Distort-to twist out of shape, change the normal form
7. Focalize-to focus in on a small section or portion
8. Simplify-to make simpler, make plainer or easier
9. Disguise-to alter; to hide the real nature of
10. Embellish-to decorate or improve by adding detail, ornament or adornment
11. Fragment-to break up; a part broken away from the whole
12. Change perspective-to see from a different angle or viewpoint
13. Metamorphosis-a marked or complete change of character, appearance,
condition such as a larva develops into a butterfly
Wow! What a great idea! I think my 5th graders can handle this vocabulary.
I'm thinking of setting up a still life or an object, having each student
pick one of these words and its definition at random, and alter the still
life or object accordingly. Each table will use a different medium, also.
I'm visualizing mounting them all together- 75 8"x10" illustration boards-
to make one big mural.

I'm glad to share Polygon Pets and so happy to get ideas from you, too!
Susan on Long Island