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Re: The 4-block schedule


Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 01:52:37 PDT

In a message dated 10/21/00 12:33:13 AM, writes:

<< Some parents have complained, esp. a group who want math every day. Others
think having the kids signed up for 8 classes is too much - I tend to agree,
and would be willing to look at an immersion schedule (4 classes every day -
one year credit in a semester).

Block has created a few other challenges, too. It requires higher staffing
levels, and we're tight for money. SPED kids usually only get a study
skills class once every other day. But if you are into teaching kids rather
than material, I think it is the way to go.

As for the eight classes at once, I have seen several postings on this list
that indicate that many schools have seven and eight 45 minute classes
perday. I think the A/B approach to block is a very acceptable alternative to
that. My personal opinion is that 4 classes per day with a full years credit
being awarded in a semester is not learning friendly. It amounts to seat time
and "covering stuff". It is what we are doing and a large majority of our
teachers have complained that it is not learning friendly and the we would
prefer to go to the A/B schedule (with 4 classes per day on an alternating A
day/B day schedule) so that students have time for absorption and reflection.
But, there seems to be this attitude on the part of our district
administration that we are preparing them for college. Not! ! As for art it
is not user friendly because clay, paint, plaster, etc., dry and set up at
their own speeds. they do not care that you have doubled up on the time per
day. Of all the possibilities, I prefer the block A/B schedule. Art materials
have time to mature and students have time to absorb, reflect on , and mature
with their learning. Not only that I ALWAYS have my advanced students second
semester which is a real pain in the * when you are trying to get them
ready for competitions and scholarship and school applications all of which
seem to take place in the Fall semester.