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This is for Deborah Wheeler


From: mdecker (mdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 14:28:52 PDT

Sorry folks....but I assume Deborah got my Web site from this list....She
sent me a very nice e-mail but my reply got sent back to me....

Dear Deborah,

Thanks so much for the pat on the back! I am saving your e-mail for a
long--long--time. I sent you a reply from school but it got kicked
I decided to reply form home.

I did the Web page originally for a research project. Now I keep it up for
everyone on the Getty list (Yes, and for my students, too). It is so easy
for me to do updates now and searching for sites is a form of relaxation for
me. I enjoy it.

If you need sites for a topic that is not on my site--send me a personal
e-mail. I have RoadRunner at home so it is a snap to find information--so

Feel free to copy any of my links pages you want. You can use them to design
your own web page.


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Subject: Compiled: Toddlers and Their Art Stories
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Here are the stories people sent me about things they have seen toddlers do
concerning art, discovering colors, discovering scissors, and more. I have
complied them in a simple list almost exactly as they were sent to me. I
removed any personal comments.

Hope you enjoy them! I am...

I hope I didn't leave any one's stories out....I may have. I'm having all
kinds of trouble with a new email program.

Your friend - who loves kids and art!!
MaryAnn Kohl

Babies experience all areas of art:
My little grandson was painting at an early age. He loved to watercolor an=
for a year old child he did pretty good. He would finger paint and color.
He didn't eat the crayons like his 18 month old sister does. She gets
really excited when you ask her if she wants to color. At the beach this
summer she put miles on the crayons, she would carry them from place to
place to place. Let these babies experience all the areas possible. Tear
and glue, finger paint, play dough...They need to be watched but they love
it and learn so much. I let my children have scissors as soon as they coul=
hold them. My older daughter cut for 3 days after she learned to cut at
three. We were in Ohio and it was snowing outside and it kept her
entertained. So many of these kids come to us and have never worked with
anything because parents are afraid they are going to get dirty.

Potty Colors:
My daughter was about 3 when this happened (she's a big girl at 5 now).
Anyway, one day she was yelling for me to come to the bathroom- I was in th=
kitchen. Well, anyone who has young kids really doesn't want to go to the
bathroom and check out what their potty trained child has done (they like t=
show "it" off you know). So, I walked into the bathroom, really dreading
what I would find, and there my daughter stood with her shorts and panties
down to her ankles looking and pointing at the potty. "Look Mommy" Oh no, =
thought. So I casually walked over to the potty to see what treasure was
there and nothing, just peepee. "What's wrong Monica?" I asked. "Mommy, whe=
I sat down it was blue and when I got up it was green- it's magic!" Took me
a minute to figure out what she was talking about... I use those toilet
cleaners that turn the water blue with each flush. SO, the art teacher in m=
came out and I got to teach a color lesson about how blue and "yellow" make
green. Now that she is in Kindergarten, she has impressed her art teacher
with her knowledge of how to make green. hehe I am so proud!
Jeannie Sandoval- happy Mom of 2 toddlers.

Cool Whip in New Colors and New Places:
One of my students, just tonight, told a fun story. She had used Cool Whip
(artificial whipped creme) with different colors of food coloring including
a bright limeish green. One little boy apparently ate more than he
"painted". The next morning the mother confided in the teacher that she ha=
some concern although the child seemed to feel fine and had slept well the
night before and ate a good breakfast....but his "poop" was the most bright
green and she was just sure he had "something."....... of course the teache=
said she would watch him closely, but felt it was the "art" materials from
the day before...perfectly safe Cool Whip.

Kinder Scissors:
We were doing clown heads to hang in the hall for Carnival night. One
little guy named Dillon was very busy pasting and drawing and I thought had
paper that he was cutting and putting on hair. Well I made my rounds aroun=
the room and as I came to him saw what he had done and then shrieked as I
realized he had cut his own hair almost to the scalp right in front with hi=
kinder scissors!!! The hole in his hair looked awful and it was my first
year and I could only see his "terrible, horrible really, really mad mother=
coming to my room to yell at me. I asked him why he did it and he said
"well I wanted his hair to look real so I used real hair.". Good reasoning
for a kinder!! His Mother never did talk to me about it - the kindergarten
teacher called her and got her to laugh about it. I was so relieved when
the hair finally grew out and I wasn't reminded of the day I turned my back
on him. I threw the picture out and now wish I had saved it for HS
graduation - in only 12 years - wouldn't that have been fun to
give back to him.
Roberta Dunkel

Drawing God:
I was sitting beside my 2 year old niece at the Christmas Eve services, and
I handed her a pen to doodle on my program to keep her entertained. After
she had been drawing for awhile I leaned over and whispered "Tell me about
your drawing". She leaned over and whispered back "SShhhhhh! I'm drawing
God". And yup, there he was - elegantly drawn on my program! Oct00FINAL

Spinach and Beet Paint:
When my daughter was a toddler I let her fingerpaint with baby food spinach
and beets. Lots of fun, great photos of her. After drying them I laminate=
them and cut them into bookmarks for her Godparents.
Diannabananana D. Mammone

First Marks:
I had the pleasure of watching a one year old make what I think was his
first mark. I was at a wedding shower and this energetic little boy was int=
everything, keeping us all busy. He picked up a pencil and started playing
with it. I was worried about his safety, and started to take it away from
him, but then decided to see if he wanted to make marks. I took his hand,
with the pencil in it, and started moving it back and forth on paper, then
let go. His eyes got really wide, his mouth gaped open, and he looked at m=
as if he couldn't believe what he just did. He continued, and started
laughing. . . his mom will probably be mad at me when he starts drawing all
over the walls, hee hee.

First Markers:
My two-year old daughter (who is now married with 3 of her own) used a
permanent marker in herself. She looked lovely for such a long time!!!! So
very purple! Of course, she had also painted herself at a much earlier age
with a substance she found in her diaper upon waking early from a nap. She
was quite put out when I removed said substance from her and her walls and
her crib! Now she's into photography - much safer I think. :-)

Hair Artist:
My daughter (then 2) wanted her hair cut, so she asked her brother (then 5)=