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Re: How to organize etc.


Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 17:49:30 PDT

In a message dated 10/15/00 9:04:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I teach art in an alternative setting. 6th through 8th. I have 4 round
tables through out the room. I am having trouble getting organized as to
picking up and turning in work and supplies. These students need ridged
discipline and order. We are military-like. I am looking for tips, ideas
for storage etc. >>

I swear by three items for organization of supplies- Plastic stackable bins
with lids (the Rubbermaid or Sterilite brands) in all sizes and open
basket-type stackable plastic containers with handles on both sides (easy for
the kids to hold as they give out and collect supplies). Label all your bins
with the content inside. The second containers I mentioned are small, but big
enough for pencils, pens, markers, bottles of glue,etc. Staples sells them
for 99 cents each. The third item- a wooden scissors holder. When the
monitor collects the scissors they are easily accounted for and neatly put
away. I have two, one for my K-2 scissors, Fiskers blunt tip, and one for my
grades 3-5 scissors, the Fiskers orange handles.

What kind of shelving do you have? If possible, label some shelves for
student work by class. I have a folder for each class for work in progress
and portfolios for each student for finished work. The first year I did
portfolios they were all white- what a mistake!! Don't ask how many got
"lost"or misplaced with the wrong class. Experience taught me to color code
them with each class' portfolios its own color. The kids make the portfolios
by stapling the sides and adding pipe cleaner handles.

I also had the maintenence dept. build me a demo table that I designed for
the middle of the room. All four sides have recessed shelves that hold
supplies that we frequently use with the bins that I described. Every morning
(or the night before) I put out the folders for that day and the kids easily
give out the work when their class comes in. If you can't custom order a
table, how about using any kind of table for demo and the day's work and put
storage bins underneath?

With only 40 minutes for each class and 5 min. in between, it has helped to
develop a system of organization that has worked for me, so I'm glad to
share...hope it helps! Susan on Long Island