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Politics--Long Post, Delete if not interested


From: Judie (judiej50_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 07:06:02 PDT

Religion and politics are always interesting topics to debate, and I
usually try and keep my opinions to myself, but since this thread came up, and
the outcome of the election WILL affect educators especially in art, here goes:

-Gore and Bush are our choices--and neither are perfect, but they do offer
clear and different platforms to vote for.
-Name one politician who hasn't altered the truth when presenting his/her
message to the masses.
-I think "Clinton bashing" has run it's course--enough! We've judged the man
and I think he will be living with his mistakes for the rest of his life;
for that matter most of his accusors were guilty of similar behavior!!!
Aren't we supposed to be a civilization of forgiveness?
-It seems in the past either a Republican or a Democrat was elected in the
Presidential seat, and the other party dealt with it. During the last
eight years, there has been so much bashing, for which we as taxpayers foot
the bill. Seems like more good for the country could be accomplished if
they worked together instead of digging up dirt on each other.
-Which side of the political fence is inclusive of "all" American citizens?
_Cheney raises a red flag for me. His voting record raises a big
question. His concern for "all Americans"--his comments (during the
debate) about not being able to express an opinion on the treatment of
minorities and racial bias causes me real concern. I experience him as
aloof, cold, swift and insensitive in his remarks about human rights and
other matters. He and Bush are both big oil businessmen, and I think their
main interests lie there. Bush recently made a statement that what this
country needs are more oil refineries--wonder how unbiased he and Cheney
are when it comes to that. Isn't Haliburton (Cheney's employer) involved
in oil refinery? How much do they stand to gain from this not to mention
the raping of the environment in Alaska and other parts of the country?
-For those who had trouble with Hilary, how are will they deal with
Cheney's wife?
-Bush keeps reminding us of his record in Texas--a couple of things that
raises an eyebrow for me are the number of executions that have taken place
during the time he has served as governor of Texas and the number of
children on poverty in the state of Texas. A bit of a contridiction to me
is that he opposes abortion but supports the taking of lives of people who
have committed crimes (many of whom might possibly be unwanted babies who
were brought into the world in the first place without much of a chance of
developing into a person who can contribute positively to our culture, if
not raised in an enviornment with morals and values). When it comes to
taxes he thinks a portion of the surplus should be returned to taxpayers
and let them make their own desicions about how to spend it, but when it
comes to making decisions about bringing an unwanted child into the world,
the government is better equipped to decide that for us.
-I'm another of the group that believe women should be free to make their
own decisions when it comes to birth control and abortion instead of a
group of politicians who are basing their decisions on factors other than
the agonizing personal decisions one has to make when faced with such a
decision. Where are these people when it comes to taking care of all the
unwanted babies who are brought into this world without much of a chance to
survive and become successful contributing citizens? I would venture to
guess that many of the unwanted children end up on the wrong side of the
law and are the citizens whom we spend a lot of time and money supporting
in prisions and the like.

What does this have to do with this list? Someone thought it was important
enough to bring it up, and it's interesting to hear others opinions.