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RE: This isn't a political forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 10:54:51 PDT

I have to disagree with you. Education is a political issue. While I'm not
fond of some forms this takes, like slamming candidates with lists. I do
believe teachers especially those concerned with art education, must pay
attention to politics and be active advocates for those who actually work
for our children and stand against those who just pay lip service. BTW I
don't think criticizing George W. Bush on education reform, funding would
offend any teachers from Texas on this list or off.

Just a few Educational Political Issues

First Amendment - Can the government regulate art (music, visual,
literature, film) for the safety of our children and the moral development
of our country? Can government funds go to religious schools in the form of
vouchers? Can administrators, school board members, other locally elected
office holders, and moral authorities regulate teachers' political and
personal (including in their own art) "speech" outside the classroom by
implied or overt threats to the teachers' jobs? Can schools censor students'
expression on or off campus and to what extent? Can schools use "profiling"
to identify dangerous students? (Please note that the FBI's experts on
profiling say the methods they used to help narrow the search for criminals
after a crime cannot be used to predict violent behavior before a crime,
because many of the people who fit a general profile will not commit a
crime. Adolescents are more unpredictable that younger or older people
because of the natural emotional upheaval at that age.)

Funding - Getting sufficient funding for children's educations including
having safe buildings, decent wages for all employees, enough supplies for
the year? Funding at the national and state level for arts and humanities
and how that funding will be used. (The Texas Commission on the Arts is
funded (partially or complete I'm unsure of) by "State of the Arts" license
plates. Reasoning is that this way only those who want to support the arts
pay taxes towards the arts)

Educational Reform - What is reform? What has worked? What is just juggling

Zero Tolerance - What is for the safety of students and teachers? What is
just a lack of commonsense? What is a violation of first amendment rights?

Kimberly Herbert (
CAM Administrator
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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Subject: This isn't a political forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm here, like most of us, to discuss art and art education, share my ideas
for lessons, art techniques, and to offer help and suggestions to my
collegues as well as ask for help and ideas. I love our support group.

Personally, I am offended that our lifeline to art education and our
discussions have been muddied by the Gore and Lies thread. No where in the
post was there a connection to education or art education for our children.

I recently received an e-mail from a fellow teacher in NY that chastised
by listing how low Texas ranked with the rest of the states in reforms,
rights, education and educational funding, teachers' pay, and many other
issues. I thought about forwarding it but felt that the thread wouldn't be
appropriate. I didn't want to offend my fellow art teachers in Texas,
especially Pam Stephens and Nancy Wallup who are doing such an incredible
in lobbying for art education in Texas!

To Teri, who started the thread: After reading many of your posts, I think
remember that you don't seem very happy with your teaching situation in
Texas. The drought situation, however, is beyond any politician's control.
I'm truly sorry that you have no beautiful fresh fallen leaves with which to
print. I would like to send you some leaves from New York to share with
students. They will stay nicely in zip locks bags and I will send them
overnight mail. Please e-mail me directly with an address of where you
like these sent. Susan on Long Island

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