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Plaster cast/relief

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Rick (rlarson)
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:14:23 -0500

Hi, I already posted this privately, but keep getting requests. So in
order to save some time, I'll go through the method I use for 5th gr
plaster casts Please delete if not interested.

The technique works equally as well for Aztec artifacts or Mayan
calendar. I'll do the Maya for ie. Discuss numbering system and show
examples of glyphs. Compare the Mayan and Aztec calendars -think that
you can get both of these on the net. Have students draw a personalized
glyph incorporating their age using the Mayan numbering system. Have
kids make plasticene into a pancake. My plasticene is really old but it
softens as the kids work with it. I don't use my old red plasticene
because it's harder to get it off the plaster. Then have students pull
up the sides to make a petri -dish style of
container. The higher the sides, the thicker the plaster. I have them
pull it up about a half inch. Then we use pencils, sharpies(Lids ON),
popsicle sticks, and anything else we can to make the designs and
numbering. I mix the plaster and the kids take turns pouring the
plaster into their molds which are on a tray. These are only about 3
inches across. For Aztec artifacts, the dishes are more circular and
for Mayan more square-ish. It doesn't take alot of plaster. I mix it in
a plastic container and have the kids dip a small paint cup into the
plaster, scoop it up and pour quickly. The next week, we peel the
plasticene away carefully and pick off any crumbs of plaster from the
plasticene and they put it back in the container for next year. I've
been using the same plasticene for years. To finish, we'll mount them
onto a mat board . Sometimes we spray paint them with the stone-like
paint. For Aztec, we paint them gold. ( Crayola- I really like
it-looks funny wet, but dries into a nice shiny gold. I got both these
ideas from arts and activities a few years back. Kids Love peeling away
the plasticene to see what their reliefs look like. Sorry this is so
long Betsy
PS. I'm going to incorporate the powdered tempera Somehow this year into
a poured plaster project. I'm open to suggestions. Also, any leftover
plaster goes into the small white paint cups and I give them to kids to
color on when they're dry (paper weight?)They pop right out.

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