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Re: classroom management

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Dennis Freeman (freemad)
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:39:18 -0700

Toni - This has got to be one of the most discussed topics in education, and
yet we're still trying to get "the" answer. Well, sorry, but I don't have
it. However, after doing this for a while (and not sending troops of
miscreants to the principal), I think I have a few very basic guidelines:
1. Do all you can to provide a meaningful, challenging & rigorous
curriculum. Most problems begin with not expecting enough, which results in
boredom, which results in... you get the picture.
2. If you want respect, give respect. I don't mean kissing their adorable
little posteriors, but treating students like human beings (maybe even
humans you like) goes a long way.
3. Don't yell. Save up the occasions when you raise your voice, and it will
get more attention when you do.
4. Be "up front". I try to let students know ahead of time how I (we) will
try to resolve problems if they occur. Then I do just what I told them,
without fuss or anger.
5. Lighten up. Have a sense of humor, especially about yourself. Kids get
way too much seriousness and self importance from adults. No wonder they
get tired of it. Yes, I do smile before Thanksgiving!
6. You spend a lot of your life with students, so develop real
relationships. Find out about likes, dislikes, family, etc., and share
yourself. This is real insurance against problems, and can lead to real
I don't know what level you teach, and these are from a secondary educator.
I believe that these would apply with younger students, too. I'm not big on
one-size-fits-all discipline plans, but I don't think anything above
conflicts with "Boy's Town" or "Assertive Discipline" or whatever the flavor
is this month in your district.
Hope this helps - Dennis
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> What are some useful techniques for effective classroom management in the
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