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Larry Seiler (
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 19:18:48 -0600

> it seems to me that you found something that you were very
>dedicated to and put your heart and soul into it. And yes, I'm
> sure it wasn't easy. But you did what Joseph suggested- find
> what you do best and stick with it.

Mary...if Joseph simply said stick to what you do best...that would
be no problem, and the conversation would have ended. Go back
to his original response and you'll see that this what is "best" thing
is define by what comes "easy".....

.follow through to its logical conclusion, this is not what I believe we
would want to project to students, is it? For this reason I labored to
give examples such as in sports.

That one is dedicated and willing to sacrifice for what they do best or
would like one day to do well is something I've been saying all along.
That it should come "easy" be a sign of that which one ought to see
as their niche, many awesome human feats would have been ignored
and never realized.

> Now, about it being easy or not for artists, that could be
> discussed to death. For you it wasn't ,for others maybe it
> is not as much as a struggle. We are all too different for
> a one-size fits all receipe.

Granted....and it will depend on the height one is hoping to climb.
As goes art "appreciation" I think we need a definite balance such
that kids do not misinterpret their frustrations in the art making
experience and fall into their lazy inclination to avoid everything that
would require effort and sacrifice. That we help them understand
the great art throughout all of art's history until present, we must be
sure young people understand the challenges artists had to face, and
perhaps even how that evolved to whimsicalness or "fun." Since fun
seems to be what we are preoccupied with in our modern era.

It also depends upon the level of the student. I teach k12 and much
of the art at the elementary/middle school level is experimentive and
free creativity. In high school...students begin to be challenged as
they discover themselves, and to understand more of art's place in
history and the modern world.

I apologize to everyone whom believes I was only promoting my
artistic endeavors, I had hoped to offer that which would be conducive
for thought as well.

Larry Seiler
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