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Re: sand painting

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Sat, 27 Nov 1999 12:46:41 EST

I did a successful sand painting lesson with 5th graders using food
coloring. I put sand in zip lock bags and added drops of food coloring. I
let student carefully shake the sand in the bags until the color was
distributed evenly. They drew their design on paper and put glue on the
lines by squeezing it out of the bottle or with toothpicks. I had stations
in the room with the different colors of sand and they placed their drawings
in tubs and sprinkled the colored sand on the wet glue. they were able to
shake off the excess sand into the tubs and that cut down on the sand
everywhere. The next class time they finished their drawings by coloring
areas that didn't have sand with colored pencil. they turned out well and
the students loved doing them. I have since colored some glue in my room by
placing the tip of dried out markers in the glue bottles. (did I read how to
do that on this list?) Next time we do sand painting I will have the colored
glue as an option too.

Susan in Michigan.

In a message dated 11/24/99 6:33:38 PM, writes:

<<>The sand paintings are done on chip board with a base color, that was to be
>the space between each shape of sand. The sand was painted over with a thin
>coat of tempera and looked like the Hopi/Navaho sand paintings. This was
>very popular with the kids and I will do it again.
>Ken Schwab

Hi. I was interested in trying sand painting this year and haven't the
foggiest idea how to do this project. What can you tell me to make it
simple and sure and absolutely fabulous the first time out? I'd just like
to focus mostly on the "how" and pick up the "why" further down the road.
I'd like to try it myself first. One main first question....How do you
paint with thin tempera on dried, white-glued sand and it not get soggy and
"un-glued"? Do you think matboard sprayed tan would work for the base? What
colors would you go for in the tempera? Do the colors stand for certain
things? Bewildered and toodled...

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526>>

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