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Re: Rubber Cement Big toxic,flamable,illegal!

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Sharon Heneborn (heneborn)
Sat, 27 Nov 1999 00:01:04 -0500

Rubber cement. Big time toxic, flammable, and illegal.

The vapors attack the nervous system and cause damage wherever the
blood takes it. The blood will accept the vapors of the solvent and
prefers it to oxygen. Whatever cell the vapor is delivered to dies.

I had a window ledge of plants. Suddenly leaves started dying. I
picked them off and turned the plants and it happened again
immediately. Third time I picked off the leaves and turned the
plants. When the leaves were dead mush the next morning I took out the
pots to find the problem. Someone had stuck an empty rubber cement
jar with the lid on tight into the flowers - too lazy to put it back
into the cabinet. I decided to find out what why such a small amount
of the vapor from this glue could kill hardy plants so quickly. I
called the Center for Safety in the Arts. (I recommend membership)
They scared me to death. All rubber cement was removed from my room.
A few years later along came Right to Know and rubber cement is top on
their list.

Children under 14 are considered to be more vulnerable and the same
level of toxicity does more damage, pound per pound, on their immature
bodies than to older bodies. It is still toxic to adults. I would
only use it in a vent box. Actually I wouldn't even use it there. It
is readily absorbed through the skin as well as the lungs.

If a child is having headaches or should loose coordination and a
parent knows about your use of rubber cement when the label clearly
warns against use with children YOU are liable.

Besides the kids do enough damage to our nerves without adding rubber
cement to the mix!

Tri-tix is a good substitute. Other companies also make cream glues.

No matter that is does a good job for what it is used for. It is not
worth the damage to the nerves. When I was newspaper editor I used it
a lot. Mysteriously around the time a paper came out I would have
prickly numb fingers up to my elbows and terrible headaches. After I
stopped using the rubber cement the symptoms disappeared.

Sharon from NJ
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