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Re: rats leaving a sinking ship

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jwells (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 15:47:27 -0800

I come from a small school. Our situations are similar. I am a positive
person. I try to cheer people up wherever I go. Sometimes, as you said,
you feel deserted and hopeless. If you are the main positive figure around
your school, there's no one to cheer YOU up. I seek out those who I know
will cheer me up or stay totally away from those I know are chronic
complainers. It's hard. People get angry with you because you carry
sunshine around in your pocket. When all else fails, I talk to God. I'm
not an extremely religious person, but he has carried me through so much
that I should never miss a Sunday at church. I hope this cheers you up.
You have so many wonderful ideas and seem to be so flexible. I've been
reading your e-mails for some time. I appreciate your good ideas. I know
you must be a great teacher. Hang in there.
Janet in Connersville
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From: Aaron and Jennifer <THEGREEN99>
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Date: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 12:17 PM
Subject: rats leaving a sinking ship

> I had a revelation this week - one which I am not real thrilled with. I
>once read awhile back about paddling up creek. (If you feel like you are,
>then you are on the right track.) So I buckled down, bit the bullet and
>my classes my best shot. Listening to my peers over the past few days I
>beginning to feel empty again. One teacher is ready to leave. She has
>applied for another position elsewhere. Another teacher (who the principal
>deems an "effective teacher") is beginning to look elsewhere, too. Our
>is small. Two losses would be tremendous. Rumor has it others are thinking
>about leaving as well. This is a district-wide problem, as I gather.
>Turnover is worse than the smell of rotting meat. I know look around and
>everyone leaving. I can't help but remember the saying about rats leaving a
>sinking ship.
> How does one deal with this? I beginning to feel deserted and hopeless.
>I am not sure how to reinvigorate myself and give one hundred percent
>In turn, I can't help but wonder if I should make the same move. Any ideas
>would be most appreciated.
>Jennifer in Michigan
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