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Notification of students' needs was Re: Pre-service training

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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 09:18:37 -0600

I know students' privacy has to be protected, but administrators have to
balance that with student safety. When I was subbing, a science teacher left
a video on optical illusions. Thank God the grade level aid walked in the
room when the announcer said something like If you have a seizure disorder
do not watch the next segment. 4 of the kids had seizure disorders, and she
told them to close their eyes.

All the fifth grade teachers went to a workshop one time, so we had three
subs. One was having trouble with the kids pulling pranks including a fake
asthma attack . She was told by the principal not to let any other child
leave the room. Later in the day one of the kids from that room burst into
the class I was teaching. He begged me to tell the other sub that he was a
diabetic and needed to go test his blood sugar. He was one of the trouble
makers, but I knew he was diabetic and he was pale and sweating. I asked the
other two subs to step out in the hall. Since the grade level aid was at
lunch, we decided I would walk the boy to the nurses office in the JH
Kimberly Herbert
CAM Administrator
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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The ignorance in educators is amazing to me.
When I began,there was no notification of learning disabilities ,physical
problems or students on medications.
When I asked the Headmaster, he said that information was protected so the
child would not be labeled ( bulls*hit).
So I passed around a letter in the beginning of the next year and asked the
teachers to check off any info I'd need to know about any students that
special seating or attention.(no problem)
Then I went to the nurses station and asked to see a list of all the kids on
Ridalin/etc. She smiled at me ...and gave me the list.
No more problems in Art.
The Headmaster needs an education.

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