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Re: what do you wear to work?

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wendy sauls (wsauls)
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 11:49:28 -0500

snip - (from rosa)

> What amazes me mostly is to hear that in a country like yours, USA, there
> is actually not freedom to wear what you want to work. I should think that
> professional people like art teacher do not have to be told what to wear,
> think they should be trusted to wear what they feel is right for them

rosa (as always!) makes such a good point - often we don't realize the lack
of freedoms we have here in the so-called home of the free...

to me it comes back to the tendency for adminstrators to micromanage the
insignificant so that they feel they have some control over something. they
may not be able to be effective principals on the educational front, but by
golly, no teacher of theirs is going to be seen wearing any clogs! a school
may be failing miserably to meet the needs of its students, but at least no
teachers will show up in a t shirt.

i just wanted to cry (and scream, and spin my head around) a few weeks ago
when the discipline committee was agonizing over yet another interpretation
of the dress code for our students. should the girls' belly buttons be
allowed to show or not? how short can the shortest shorts be? i really
don't give a flip what our students wear; i thought i was supposed to be
worried about what they LEARN. it is so disheartening to see (and often be
forced to participate in) the enormous amounts of wasted time and effort on
stuff like this while the REAL problems go unaddressed.

but, as billy crystal (i think) said, "it is better to look good than to
feel good." or in the case of teacher dress codes, it is more important to
look "professional" than to be good teachers?


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