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Re: help with primary grades

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Dianna (dmammone)
Sat, 13 Nov 1999 19:08:43 -0500

I did one with Kinders that they liked. "Doll People". I filled balloons
with rice using a funnel, (great t.v. work,) then blew them up slightly
larger than an egg and tied them off. I painted toilet tubes in different
colors and grabbed scrap lace, sequins, yarn, etc. We started by using
tacky glue to glue on wiggle eyes but you could use punch outs or draw, then
I showed them how to make a simple wig. They selected ribbons , stuff to
decorate with and went to town. For arms we cut long inch wide brown paper
and folded it cutting hands at the ends. Next we pasted the arms at the
back. They had a ball decorating. We had lots of Princesses from the
girls, of course, but also a skater, bride and soccer player. The boys gave
me Captain Underpants, with a cape, and dinosaurs, dragons and Ninjas. Lots
of fun. A bean bag to play with and put together with the body, a nice
standing doll. The balloon head nests inside the "collar" of the tube.

We also used markers to color model magic and then I brought in lots of
matchbox cars I got at garage sales. We covered the cars with a base of
model magic then transformed the cars out of our imaginations. I had a
baseball car, a butterfly car, a jet plane car, a ladybug, etc. Boys and
girls both had fun.
Also cut out masks out of foam, (I got 6 to a sheet) and cut the scraps with
zigzag scissors. We decorated by building up layers of foam scraps with
tacky glue and sequins. Lots of fun. I did a whole mask thing on it. I
used some of the info off the newsgroup here on different masks and their
purposes; like concealment, disguise, protection, beauty and religion. Nice
unit. I think Rosa from the North was post-er, but you could get it from
archives. Hope this helps and by all means use Maryann Kohl's books. They
are my "bible."
Good luck
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Subject: help with primary grades

> Hi,
> I am not an art teacher, but I did run an art club for children,
> grades 4-8 last year and have some experience teaching privately as a
> volunteer. I quit teaching recently to be a caregiver to my mother. The
> art teacher at my old school has asked me for help with the little ones,
> grades Pre-K to 2, as far as ideas in general, since I was involved in
> art program last year in a fringe way. This guy is really struggling with
> the little ones and I want to help if I can. I was hoping some of you
> help me help him. Do you have some ideas I could share with him? Just
> ideas to share with him? I am not asking for full blown lesson plans,
> ideas to get him going. Thanks!
> Susan
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