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Re: More Color Questions

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 22:38:12 -0500

>How many of you use cyan and magenta as primaries instead of blue and
***Rarely. Not enough budget for that much paint.

>I was taught and always used red and blue but in my new school we
teachmagenta, cyan and yellow. It is new to me, b ut not to the most of the
other teachers in my dept.

**It's a product of commercial printing and computer graphics. You'll catch
on. I've always found that if I sit down and just "play" with it I pick up
information that helps me to teach my students. Can you develop a mentor in
your department that you can discuss stuff like this with?

However the junior high teaches red, yellow, blue primaries but are
beginning to include the other way as well. I find the inconsistancy to be
a problem.
**I would think it would confuse the non-elective students. It's hard enough
to get kids to remember terminology, especially in an exploratory format
with a short term.

For example, one teacher teaches that there are 5 secondary colors. Is this
**Sounds invented for some private psuedo academic persona.
Ah, so...

If you are interested, here is the break down she uses...I
>Primary: Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
**Primary means first or prime indicating those colors which cannot be mixed
from two other colors. I would like to see her mix red and blue. Is she
attaching a prioritized rating to the terms? This does not compute!

>Secondary: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple

**Wouldn't that be violet?

>Tertiary/Intermediate: blue-violet, and I dont know how many others in
>this category.
**Tertiary is from the Latin term for three. I teach the students that the
tertiary colors are always listed on the color wheel with the primary color
listed first and hyphenated with the secondary color after. I also teach
them that the Tertiary colors are made by mixing a primary with a secondary
color and are in between one of each on the color wheel. This helps them to
understand it and remember it.
Good luck. I'd suggest not using this teacher as a role model unless I'm
totally out of the loop and someone else can enlighten us as to the system
being used. I'm going to guess that you are a younger teacher and this is a
more experienced teacher and it's difficult to discuss with them. Is that
right? Avoid attacking, but don't be afraid of asking questions of this
teacher in order to learn. If they mix it up with to much mumbo jumbo, you
know it's insecurity teaching. Linda K.

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