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HS clean-up time

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Larry Seiler (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 07:52:58 -0600

I'd like to know if
any of you have ideas for what
to give students to reward them if they do their job really well.
Unfortunately, students seem to work a
bit harder for extrinsic rewards at this age. I'd like to think of
something free that is not time consuming.

Thanks in advance, Leah

I've got to tell you...I picked up one tip from the archive list here and
started it this week. I teach k12....

I bought little tupperware type containers, and one big glass jar and lid.
I bought four bags full of marbles and filled that glass jar.

I have grades 4-6 compete against each other...and third grade compete
against themselves. I felt that k-2 was a bit young for this.

Kids come from their room in-line and quiet...I put one marble in their
container. They give me the first five minutes for the purpose of giving
instruction/intro, another marble. (I have taught them the first five
minutes belong to me, and to take away from my five minutes is the
equivalent of stealing or theft).

Kids work on task for the period...another marble. Kids clean up when
told, and do a good job....another marble. They leave the room orderly and
arrive at their homeroom quietly, one more marble.

On the other hand...they come in noisy, I take one marble out. I insist
the class to come back to order if off task and it requires raising my
voice...I take out another marble, and so on.

What I have done then is give them 6 class periods (for me three weeks) to
see which class accumulates the most marbles, and that class gets a free
day, a video..., can get a soda..and we have a party.

It has worked like magic. A miracle. No amount of yelling, handing
detentions...keeping them in for recess has worked as good as this. I may
adjust by requiring less class periods. Perhaps I will go to two weeks
instead of three. You would think I have to constantly think
"marbles...marbles..." but in reality, they are constantly thinking about

I figure a free day to get the best out of my elementary classes is a small

Larry Seiler
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