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Re: value ideas

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Wed, 3 Nov 1999 19:27:45 EST

Aaron and Jennifer wrote:
> I am having a terrible time trying to explain value to my 8th graders.
> Last semester they understand value as seventh graders. But this year it is
> like everything fell out of their head. We have done exercises on shading
> techniques and currently are working on self-portraits. On the
> self-portraits, I had the students add highlights and shadows, but they
> don't understand. I explained highlights as where the light is reflects off
> the object; the shadows are where the light cannot reach the object. (In so
> many words) I have even had the students point out the areas on specific
> objects, but the students can't take that information and relate it to
> work. Are there any ways in helping my students understand value (in terms
> of highlights and shadows)?
> Jennifer in Michigan

How about setting up a light on various objects either alone or in a
group. Maybe if your students actually see the light source hitting the
object (sphere, cone, or whatever) they will understand the concept more

There's an old saying,"When things go wrong, go back to the basics"
Do some lessons on basic drawing with cube, sphere, and cone.

1.Make a value chart with a slip of paper divided into 5 equal parts. Number
than 1 to 5 with 1 as pure white, 5 as darkest value, and 3 as a value
between 1 and 5. Then 2 as a value between 1 and 3, and 4 as a value between
3 and 5. Check by 'sighting' along the spaces by holding up to eyes and
looking along the paper horizontally, they should appear to blend.
2. Draw a cube. Specify a light source. (Sketch a light bulb in upper left
corner of paper) Top left face is a 1. Right face is a 4. Front face is a 3.
And left face a 2.
Value 5 is for shadow. Then go on the other basic forms
Well you know!
But back to basics is the way to go IMHO

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