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Re: research

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Wed, 03 Nov 1999 18:27:07 -0600

Oooooooooooo Linda, boy do I agree with you! I cringe when ever I hear
people use the term "THE academics" What are we , left overs? Unfortunaltey
some think we are. We're the babysitters for the elementary teachers (their
prep time), we're the decorators of the schools, we're the poster
makers....Uggggg, we sure have our work cut out for us!
Yes, I also hear people say the" Oooo it must be so much fun" and they have
no idea how much work it is! AS Rodney Dangerfield would say" I don't get
any respect"!

"Fields, Linda" wrote:

> One of my pet peeves is having English, math, science, etc. referred to
> as the "academic" subjects and art as a "special," "elective", etc, etc.
> I believe art is certainly as academic a discipline as any of the
> others.

> but the main thing that bugs me is the fact that
> we teach all these work world skills but are generally discounted
> otherwise.
> Another gripe is the numbers of people who say, "Ooooo, it must be such
> fun to teach art. You get to have only the interested students, don't
> you?" Yes, it is fun, but it's also hard work, and anyone who thinks I
> have only students who want to be there hasn't met my guidance dept.
> Linda in NC
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> > Hi everyone,
> > I am doing a research paper on the frustrations of art teachers.
> > I am
> > doing this paper in sort of an interview style (on-line). If you would
> > kindly
> > respond with some of your frustrations, I would greatly appreciate it.
> > My
> > main topic is how art is not seen as a real or important subject, and
> > what
> > problems art teachers face because of that way of thinking. Thanks a
> > lot!
> > Sue
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